Manual Handling Quiz for Nurses

September 9, 2016
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Test Your Manual Handling Knowledge

It’s thought that people who work in health and social care settings spend up to 50% of their time moving and handling patients and service users. This is quite a substantial part of the working day and so it’s essential that moving and handling activities are carried out with the health and safety of everyone involved in mind. Have a go at our quiz about moving and handling people below to test what you know.


Which type of injury is most common as a result of poor manual handling practices?

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When manoeuvring a wheelchair, what should you avoid?

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When lifting a person out of bed and into a chair, what should you do?

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If a person is too heavy for you to move, what's the best action to take?

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If you are using a hoist and sling to lift a person, what do you need to ensure?

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Manual Handling Quiz For Nurses
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