Root Cause Analysis

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Last audited 7th March 2024

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Root Cause Analysis
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Anyone working in an industry where products will eventually reach consumers knows that ensuring the quality and safety of those products is essential. If you only fix the surface-level symptoms of a problem, that problem can return and will need to be managed repeatedly. When that problem relates to food safety or quality, this can be both a costly and dangerous practice.

Root cause analysis (RCA) requires you to look past these symptoms to determine why they occur – their root cause. Only by identifying and implementing action to manage the root cause of a problem can you ensure that it will not reoccur in the future, breaking the cycle of short-term fixes. This course shows you how to perform several root cause analysis techniques as part of a root cause analysis investigation, giving you the tools to effectively manage both small and large-scale problems in your workplace and implement lasting solutions that prevent them from returning. The techniques covered in this course are the 5 Whys Technique, the Fishbone Diagram and the 8D Process.

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What you'll learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of root cause analysis.
  • Identify when root cause analysis should be applied.
  • Outline the pros and cons of the different root cause analysis techniques.
  • Apply root cause analysis techniques in their setting.

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Module 1: Introduction to Root Cause Analysis

This module introduces root cause analysis as a tool for identifying the root causes of problems in the food manufacturing industry. It explains how to perform a root cause analysis incident investigation and how to ensure your investigation is effective. It also introduces the three main types of root cause analysis used in the food manufacturing industry.

Module 2: Root Cause Analysis Techniques

This module details how to perform the three main types of root cause analysis techniques used in the food industry; the 5 Whys Technique, the Fishbone Diagram and the 8D Process. It also explains when to use each technique and provides the pros and cons of using each.

Module 3: Corrective and Preventative Action

This module explains the importance of implementing an effective corrective and preventative action plan to manage root causes at the end of a root cause analysis investigation, as well as the need for containment action in some scenarios. It also outlines ways to verify whether this action is effective at managing root causes, such as through monitoring.

The online assessment is taken on completion of the training material. You will be asked 12 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 80%. The answers are marked automatically so you will instantly know whether you have passed. If you don’t pass, don’t worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.

This course is suitable for anyone in the food manufacturing industry who has responsibility for carrying out root cause analysis procedures for their organisation or who is interested in learning how to investigate and implement lasting solutions to food safety and quality problems to ensure they do not return.

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