What is Sous Vide Cooking & How Does it Work?


Sous vide is a brilliant method of cooking that is becoming more and more utilised by cooks of all abilities. Find out what it is and how it works here.

Mar 1, 2021
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Food Safety for Food Banks: Rules & Regulations

Allergens and Food Labelling Food Safety

If you work or volunteer in a food bank, there are food safety considerations you must bear in mind. We outline the rules and regulations to be aware of here.

Feb 24, 2021
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Vegan Food Products: What are the Labelling Requirements?

Allergens and Food Labelling

An increase in demand has seen the manufacturing of vegan food products grow. We cover the labelling requirements and how it impacts allergy sufferers here.

Feb 10, 2021
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How to Set a Table: Basic, Casual and Formal Dining


Our article provides guidance on how to set a basic, casual and formal table. Find setting ideas and a video on setting a table in your home, here.

Jan 18, 2021
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8 Vegan Myths and Facts


There are many myths and misconceptions about veganism. We look at eight of the most common vegan myths and explain the facts here.

Jan 18, 2021
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Food Packaging Materials: Regulations & Different Types

Food Safety HACCP

Packaging used by food businesses must be food safe. We outline food packaging regulations and explain the different types of contact materials, here.

Jan 6, 2021
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Planning a Christmas Dinner: Free Checklist

Food Safety

Making the perfect Christmas dinner is something that we all aspire to. Download a free checklist to help make sure that you’re completely prepared, here.

Dec 17, 2020
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A Vegetarian Diet: What Can I Eat & What are the Benefits?


A vegetarian diet comes with a whole range of benefits. We outline what you can eat, offer some recipe inspiration and explain the benefits, here.

Dec 14, 2020
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Food Handlers Fitness to Work Form: Free Template


The Fitness to Work Guidelines exist to prevent the spread of infection. Find the best practices for food handlers and download a return to work form, here.

Dec 7, 2020
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Reopening Your Bar and Restaurant After Lockdown


Our dedicated page offers guidance and checklists helping you to reopen your bar, pub or restaurant after the lockdown closure.

Nov 26, 2020
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Allergen Regulations for Takeaways and Distance Sellers

Allergens and Food Labelling Hospitality

All food distance sellers should have clear food allergen labelling. We explain the current EU and UK distance selling regulations, here.

Nov 6, 2020
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What is the Temperature Danger Zone? Free Food Safety Chart

Food Safety Hospitality

Food in the danger zone is at risk of causing illness to anyone who handles it. Find more about the temperature danger zone and download our chart, here.

Sep 11, 2020
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How to Clean a Commercial Ice Machine: Free Cleaning Checklist Template

Food Safety Hospitality

Neglecting your ice machine can cause a build-up of bacteria. Find advice on cleaning commercial ice machines and download a cleaning checklist, here.

Aug 28, 2020
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Working Safely in Hospitality Quiz

Health and Hygiene Hospitality

How confident are you that you know how to work safely in hospitality following COVID-19? Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge and understanding.

Aug 7, 2020
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What is Prepacked for Direct Sale Food? Allergen Guidance & Free Infographic

Allergens and Food Labelling Food Safety Hospitality

Anyone who sells prepacked for direct sale food (PPDS) should be making steps now to make their food safer. Download your free PPDS infographic, here.

Jul 29, 2020
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COVID-19: Converting Your Restaurant to a Takeaway Kitchen

Food Safety Hospitality Training

Giving your business a complete overhaul is not an easy task. Find advice on how to operate safely as a takeaway and delivery service, here.

Jun 5, 2020
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BBQ Checklist: Preparation and Safety Guide

Fire Safety Food Safety

Organising your own barbecue this summer? We’ve covered everything you need to know for barbecue safety and preparation in our complete BBQ checklist!

May 26, 2020
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Case Study: Cultivating a Safe Social Space for Personal Development at Sidney Street Cafe

Food Safety Hospitality Training

In this case study, we look at how online training helped a not-for-profit community cafe to comply with food safety and support personal development.

May 13, 2020
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Key Takeaways for Takeouts: Consumer Report on Attitudes to Restaurants, Takeaways & Deliveries During Lockdown

Hospitality Starting a Business

Our research reveals how 2000 members of the British public feel about ordering from restaurants, takeaways and delivery services during covid-19.

May 7, 2020
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Washing Food: How & Why Should We Do It?

Food Safety

Practicing good food hygiene in your home is important to keep your food safe. We outline which foods you should, or shouldn’t, wash, and why here.

May 4, 2020
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