Food Hygiene:
Know The Score


Understand what food hygiene ratings mean to customers and businesses and see how your region, town or city compares nationally.

As an online training provider who has certified over 450,000 people in food hygiene, we’re committed to making food safety awareness more accessible for those who need it. With this in mind, we investigated food hygiene and safety standards across the UK.

To find an average rating for every major town and city, we extracted Food Standards Agency (FSA) data for a quarter of a million food businesses across the country. Above all, we wanted to learn more about what the scores mean and, ultimately, why food hygiene ratings matter.

Our findings should give you a comprehensive understanding of why your local food businesses gain the ratings they do, which will help you make more informed decisions about where to eat or how to gain a good score in your establishment.

How does your local area compare with others?

Use our interactive map and tables to see where you sit in the rankings. Click each region on the map for more detail.

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