Training Solutions for Staff & Companies

Training Your Staff

With our e-learning solutions staff can be trained individually, so it is not necessary to take a group of staff out of the business at the same time to train them all at the same time.

Individual Staff Logins

You will be provided with a unique login username and password for each member of staff.

Simple to Setup

It is not necessary to provide us with individual staff details. All you need to do is provide your member of staff with a set of login details. When each candidate logs into the course for the first time they will automatically be prompted to enter their own name and address for the certificate of completion.

Easy Access

Our sign-up facility allows companies to train as many staff as required through a simple universal code which allows staff to log in automatically. Staff can also be tracked by departments through this facility.

No Time Limits

There are no time limits involved so the course can be started whenever is convenient.

Instant Certification

Staff can print off a record of training the instant they complete the course. We will then send a high quality certificate through the post the next working day. You have the option of directing all of the certificates to a fixed address, or we can send them to each individual using the address they will be prompted to enter when they start the course.

Monitor Staff Progress

Tracking the progress of your staff couldn’t be easier with our Management Suite. This allows you to instantly generate reports to show which staff passed the course, which are still studying and which haven’t started yet. You can also check the progress of an individual and can even see if their certificate of completion has been dispatched yet.

For more information on how to track staff progress with our Management Suite please click the tab on the left.