Training Solutions


High Speed Training provides the latest and most efficient e-learning solutions, making staff training easy and minimising disruption to the every day running of the business.

All of our e-learning courses are 100% online and can be taken on any PC or MAC with an internet connection. Each course can be spread out over several sessions any time of day or night.

Exceptional Customer Service

All of our training solutions are backed up by our friendly and helpful customer support team. At High Speed Training we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service to our many thousands of satisfied customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Certification is instant & online

Staff can print off a record of training the instant they complete the course. We will then send a high quality certificate through the post the next working day. You have the option of directing all of the certificates to a fixed address, or we can send them to each individual using the address they will be prompted to enter when they start the course.

Instant Online Certification

Reduced disruption – save time and money

With our e-learning solutions staff can be trained individually, so it is not necessary to take a group of staff out of the business at the same time to train them all at the same time.

Staff can be trained anywhere. Zero travel time or expense.

Reduced Disruption with E-Learning

Bulk discounts available

Our courses are individually priced and start at £20 +VAT with the following bulk discounts available:

  • 10% on orders of 10+
  • 20% on orders of 50+
  • 30% on orders of 100+
  • 40% on orders of 500+

The discount applies on any combination of our full range of e-learning courses.

Bulk E-Learning Discounts Available