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Image of Dan Jordan
Dan Jordan Co-founder and CEO
Profile photo of Marc Thivessen
Marc Thivessen CEO
Image of Peter Towell
Peter Towell Legal and Compliance Manager
Image of Brenda Peake
Brenda Peake Head of HR & Organisation Design
Image of Louise Petty
Louise Petty Learning Designer
Image of Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson Head of Learning & Development
Image of Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown Accounts Administrator
Image of Naomi Earle
Naomi Earle Front End Developer
Image of James Kemp
James Kemp Head of Technology
Image of Shauna Mullins
Shauna Mullins Marketing Campaign Manager
Image of Ashleigh Farigu
Ashleigh Farigu Training and Onboarding Manager
Image of Matt Miller
Matt Miller UX Designer
Image of Melaina West
Melaina West HR Advisor
Image of Jayde R-Brown
Jayde R-Brown Design Manager
Image of Liz Burton-Hughes
Liz Burton-Hughes Learning Designer
Image of Laurence Woodward
Laurence Woodward Senior Developer
Image of Jo Biesta
Jo Biesta Lead Developer
Image of Kyle Balnave
Kyle Balnave Lead Developer
Image of Ellie Collier
Ellie Collier Learning and Development Manager - Health and Social Care
Image of Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor Learning and Development Manager - Food and Drink
Image of Laura Newton
Laura Newton Head of Finance & Corporate Services
Image of Lee Batchelor
Lee Batchelor Paid Media Manager
Image of Adam Rhodes
Adam Rhodes Product Manager
Image of Jamie Hogg
Jamie Hogg Customer Success Specialist
Image of Arron Richmond
Arron Richmond SEO Manager
Image of Jordan Bowker
Jordan Bowker Senior Developer
Image of Natasha Blythe
Natasha Blythe Learning Designer
Image of Will Gigg
Will Gigg Senior Developer
Image of Alice Bradley
Alice Bradley Finance Operations Manager
Image of Angela Dillon
Angela Dillon Business Premium Consultant
Image of Katie Martinelli
Katie Martinelli Learning and Development Lead
Image of Alexis Riley
Alexis Riley Head of Programme Management
Image of Jenny Wells
Jenny Wells HR Manager
Image of Ricky Carter
Ricky Carter Account Manager
Image of Tom Clegg
Tom Clegg Senior Developer
Image of Addie Lewis
Addie Lewis Learning Designer
Image of Karansa Murray
Karansa Murray Learner Support Manager
Image of Nicola Waddington
Nicola Waddington Senior Support Consultant
Image of Anna Vanaga
Anna Vanaga PPC Executive
Image of Alison Oldham
Alison Oldham Business Support Team Leader
Image of Maria Silvio-Styles
Maria Silvio-Styles Onboarding & Business Premium Consultant
Image of Mark Owens
Mark Owens Illustration Manager
Image of Natasha Coleman
Natasha Coleman Senior Support Consultant
Image of Zoe Ager
Zoe Ager Data Analyst
Profile image of Rebecca Jarman-Lampkin
Rebecca Jarman-Lampkin Accounts Administrator
Image of Kristin Guzder
Kristin Guzder Learning Designer
Image of Liam Durkin
Liam Durkin Motion Graphics Designer
Image of Ian Dowd
Ian Dowd Head of Marketing
Image of Natasha Perera
Natasha Perera Accounts Administrator
Image of Catherine Talbot
Catherine Talbot Learning Designer
Image of Natalie Fawcett
Natalie Fawcett Developer
Profile image of Hazel Taylor
Hazel Taylor Office Administrator
Image of Laura Pattison
Laura Pattison Talent Manager
Image of Anna Carter
Anna Carter Content Marketing Executive
Image of Neil Batchelor
Neil Batchelor User Researcher
Image of Declan Austen
Declan Austen Videographer
Image of Aaron West
Aaron West Account Manager
Image of Sam Woolley
Sam Woolley Training & Onboarding Consultant
Image of Gemma Reape
Gemma Reape Senior Support Consultant
Profile image of Elinor Scott
Eli Scott Learner Support Consultant
Profile image of Gareth Greenwood
Gareth Greenwood Learning and Development Manager - Education
Profile image of Beth Jones
Beth Jones HR Advisor
Profile image of Olivia Whitfield
Olivia Whitfield Illustrator
Profile image of Ria Dastidar
Ria Dastidar Illustrator
Profile image of Jane Beveridge
Jane Beveridge Financial Controller
Profile image of Ellie Leech
Ellie Leech Content Marketing Executive
Profile image of Vadim Sinicyn
Vadim Sinicyn Senior Support Consultant
Profile picture of Will Hughes
Will Hughes IT Manager
Profile image of Claire Watts
Claire Watts Learning Designer
Profile image of Nell Hendy
Nell Hendy Learning Designer
Profile image of Victoria O'Regan
Victoria O'Regan Learning Designer
Profile image of Hannah Hawthorne
Hannah Hawthorne Learning Designer
Profile image of Hannah Rottger
Hannah Rottger Multi-Channel Designer
Profile image of Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards Senior Digital Designer
Profile image of Federico Sacco
Federico Sacco Customer Research Analyst
Profile image of Aaron Colquhoun
Aaron Colquhoun Training & Onboarding Consultant
Profile image of Andy McGregor
Andy McGregor Account Manager
Image of Laura Damant
Laura Damant Customer Support Manager
Profile photo of Carole Urey
Carole Urey Chief Commercial Officer
Image of Catherine Hickabottom
Catherine Hickabottom Learning Designer
Image of Jonny Wright
Jonny Wright Lead Front End Developer
Image of Neil Hardy
Neil Hardy Learning and Development Lead
Image of Karen Maher
Karen Maher Learner Support Consultant
Profile photo of Vanessa Moscardo-Parker
Vanessa Moscardo-Parker Head of Customer Success
Profile photo of Tamzin Adams
Tamzin Adams Junior Marketing Campaign Executive
Profile photo of Daniel Steele
Daniel Steele Developer
Profile photo of Karen Joynes
Karen Joynes Process Mapping Specialist
Profile photo of Samantha Hartley
Samantha Hartley Business Support Consultant
Profile photo of Daniel Raymond
Daniel Raymond PR Manager
Photo of Taufikur Robin
Taufikur Robin Front End Developer
Profile photo of Caroline Thompson
Caroline Thompson Business Support Consultant
Profile photo of Molly Rawson
Molly Rawson Learner Support Consultant
Profile photo of Vicky Cooper
Vicky Cooper Learner Support Consultant
Profile photo of Aoife Fish
Aoife Fish Project Coordinator
Profile photo of Hannah Legair
Hannah Legair Finance Operations Manager
Profile photo of John Brown
John Brown Head of Digital Media
Profile photo of Sara Paoletto
Sara Paoletto Senior Product Owner
Profile photo of Kate Townsend
Kate Townsend Commercial Development Manager
Profile image of Neil O'Malley
Neil O'Malley Accounts Administrator
Profile image of Emma Chilton
Emma Chilton Learning and Development Specialist
Profile image of Lisa Whittington
Lisa Whittington Internal Communications Specialist
Profile photo of Marta Cartes
Marta Cartes Product Owner
Profile photo of Jim Barker
Jim Barker Senior Videographer
Profile photo of Tovia Balo
Tovia Balo Business Support Consultant
Profile photo of Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans Production Coordinator
Profile photo of Matt Barry
Matt Barry Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Profile photo of Matt Kevan
Matt Kevan Lead UX Designer
Profile photo of Tony O'Reilly
Tony O'Reilly Customer Success Manager