Person-Centred Care Training

Duration 3 hours

Last audited 5th June 2023

CPD Approved Skills for Care Approved
Person-Centred Care
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This Person-Centred Care training course teaches health and social care workers how to effectively deliver person-centred care. It explains the principles of person-centred care set out by the Health Foundation and the importance of shared decision making, which help you provide individualised care to patients and improve their quality of life.

The training explains why tailoring your care to a person’s individual wants and needs is important, and how it benefits your healthcare setting as a whole. It also explains how to fulfil person-centred care practices in compliance with the Health and Social Care Act and other crucial legal requirements, including data protection and consent. When you complete the course, you’ll know how to help service users take part in decision-making processes, how to deliver day-to-day personalised care, and how to ensure care plans cover all the patient’s needs. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge required to help your care setting achieve a high standard of care.

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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Understand what person-centred care means and why it is important.
  • Recognise what the principles of person-centred care require and what the 6 Cs mean.
  • Know what pieces of legislation relate to person-centred care, particularly the Health and Social Care Act.
  • Be able to apply person-centred care in practice to fulfil the principles.
  • Know how to carry out shared decision making in a person-centred way.
  • Understand what type of information a person-centred care plan should include.
  • Recognise the importance of keeping records, storing information in accordance with data protection law, and acquiring consent from patients.
  • Know where to find further resources and training.

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Module 1: Introduction to Person-Centred Care

What is person-centred care, the principles of person-centred care, the 6 Cs of care, person-centred care: example, and why person-centred care is important.

Module 2: The Law

The Health and Social Care Act, the Care Quality Commission Standards, the CQC survey, other relevant legislation, and case study: Cheam Cottage Nursing Home.

Module 3: Person-Centred Care in Practice

The abilities of a good carer, applying the principles of person-centred care, shared decision making, the four stages of shared decision making.

Module 4: Person-Centred Care Plans

What should a person-centred plan include, creating person-centred care plans, example care plan sections, and other care needs.

Module 5: Records, Confidentiality, and Consent

Record keeping, data protection, and consent.

Module 6: Case Studies and Resources

Case study: communication, case study: daily needs, case study: Nottingham dementia care, and further resources.

Once you have completed all of the online training material you will be able to take the online assessment. The assessment consists of 10 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 80%. The answers are marked instantly so you will know whether you have passed as soon as you finish.

This Person-Centred Care training is suitable for anyone that works in a care setting, whether you’re a nurse in a hospital or a carer in a residential home. It is suitable for anyone at any level of their healthcare career, whether you’re starting out or have years of experience. You’ll learn how to apply your existing care skills and adopt new ones in a practical, person-centred way.

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