FGM, Forced Marriage & Honour-Based Violence Awareness

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Last audited 5th June 2023

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FGM, Forced Marriage and Honour-Based Violence Awareness
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This FGM, Forced Marriage, and Honour-Based Violence Awareness online training has been designed to provide learners with a cultural and practical knowledge of honour-based violence, female genital mutilation, and forced marriage.

Learners will come away fully aware of how they can take action to help prevent these abuses if they are concerned that someone they know is at risk. They will also discover the multitude of organisations who are available to help by giving advice and assistance to front line workers and victims.

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What you'll learn

At the end of this course learners will:

  • Understand what violence against women is, and specifically what FGM, honour-based violence, and forced marriage are.
  • Know the best practice for handling honour-based violence, FGM, and forced marriage.
  • Know the attitudes that prevent these practices from being abolished.
  • Learn to recognise the potential warning signals that indicate FGM or honour-based violence could be about to occur.
  • Learn about the legislation surrounding FGM, forced marriages and honour-based violence.
  • Discover what support is in place for victims or potential victims as well as front line workers.

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Module 1: Introduction

In this introduction learners will discover the term ‘violence against women.’ This is a category of violence that describes a series of acts that happen to women simply because they are women. In this module, you’ll also be introduced to the United Nations’ ‘Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women.’

Module 2: Forced Marriage

In this second module, you’ll discover the UK legislation in place to protect potential victims of forced marriage. You’ll find out who is at risk and how you can take action to help victims get a Forced Marriage Protection Order. You’ll also, critically, find out the actions that you should never take that could put the victim in more danger.

Module 3: Honour-Based Violence

In this third module, learners will be introduced to honour-based violence. Learners will discover how the idea of “honour” means something different in every community, meaning that the risk factors and triggers for honour-based violence change. Learners will discover how honour-based violence occurs and the many forms that it can appear in as well as what action to take to help a victim of abuse.

Module 4: Female Genital Mutilation

In this final module, learners will discover the cultural claims that practitioners of FGM make. They will also learn the facts behind FGM that dispel these claims and will learn how to help victims of FGM and potential victims. You’ll find out where FGM happens the most, why it happens, and you’ll also discover the story of Alimatu. There is also a section on books that you can read to help you understand the cultural pressure of FGM.

The online assessment is taken on completion of the training material. You will be asked 10 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 80%. The answers are marked automatically so you will instantly know whether you have passed. If you don't pass don't worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.

This course has been designed for front line workers and anyone else who is interested in gaining a clear and concise understanding of what these types of abuse are, why they happen and who is at risk. The course also teaches learners how they can help victims and what their legal safeguarding duties are.

Since 31st October 2015, if you're a regulated teacher, healthcare professional, or a social worker then you are known as a 'front line worker' and it is your legal duty to report known cases of FGM in under 18s to the police. This course will help front line workers to understand their responsibilities.

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Antonia Noble

Barrister and Safeguarding Specialist

Antonia Noble is a former criminal barrister with over 25 years of experience and a highly respected safeguarding specialist.

She has worked in a variety of roles with professionals and organisations including responsibilities for adult and child safeguarding as a cabinet member for Gloucestershire County Council. 

She has a vast range of safeguarding and child protection experience that includes roles and duties such as school governor, adult and child safeguarding responsibilities for Local Authorities and with the Criminal Cases Review Commission to review suspected miscarriages of justice.

Antonia has supported and worked with cabinet member issues, heads of children’s services, adult services, Vice Chancellors, police, and senior leaders in health. 

Fairness and justice are at the heart of every aspect of Antonia’s work and she continues to deliver training and support to safeguarding leaders, social workers and a variety of organisations.

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