Customer Testimonial: Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen

Arron Richmond
January 24, 2024
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Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen in NW London needed a training solution that enabled their volunteers to do the vital work they provide to their community. Manager Nina Parmar explains why we were the perfect option to help them do what they do best.

Please introduce yourself and your organisation.
Nina Parmar, Manager at Sufra Food Bank and Kitchen NW London. Sufra NW London addresses both the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, homelessness and social isolation in the community. Our emergency interventions and innovative courses provide a life-line to people in crisis – empowering them to improve their wellbeing, learn new skills, find work and become financially stable.

Why did you choose our e-learning courses?
I had confidence from the clear professional website, the course was easy to find, and a clear explanation between the different options.

What specific need or problem were you trying to address by taking our training?
We use High Speed Training for Level 2 Food Hygiene for Catering. Many of our staff and volunteers need this certification to work in our different food services.

How did you find distributing the training and tracking the progress of your staff?
It was very easy – the portal allowing tracking is great, as well as the automated emails. It allowed me to congratulate other members on how they are getting along.

What specific outcomes have you achieved as a result of using our training?
We have had our volunteers feel much more included and engaged – which is a real bonus. Especially as we don’t have the space to host training courses in person at our site.

Overall, would you recommend High Speed Training to others?
I would recommend, nice platform to use, an easy website and generally clear training content.


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