Customer Testimonials: Mizkan Euro

Arron Richmond
January 24, 2024
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Manufacturing some of the UK’s most well-loved brands is at the heart of Mizkan Euro’s operations. Training and Development Manager Arsalan Zahid explains how we were the perfect training partner to help them.

Please introduce yourself and your organisation.
Arsalan Zahid, Training & Development Manager at Mizkan Euro. My role is heading the training and development function and managing a team of three training leads across our sites. Mizkan Euro is the European subsiduary of the Mizkan Group, specialising in the production of premium food items under renowned UK brands such as Branston Pickle, Haywards Pickled Vegetables, and Sarson’s Vinegar.

Why did you choose our e-learning courses?
We went with High Speed Training during the COVID pandemic, due to the impact on classroom training, we were unable to deliver training face-to-face. High Speed Training offers quality courses at a very cost effective price.

What specific problem or need were you trying to address by taking our training?
Manual Handling training and awareness of the risks associated with Manual Handling. It was important for our employees to understand the theoretical side before we delivered practical training for them in-house.

How did our training stand out from other options you considered?
The training was cost-effective and relevant for what we were looking for, I think Manual Handling training is crucial in manufacturing and I am heavily reliant on High Speed Training to keep us compliant.

Manager in warehouse providing manual handling lifting training to employee

How was the learning process for you and your staff?
The learning process was simple because it was backed up with an in-house practical training to support the theory that the employees have learnt, the included assessment in High Speed Training courses really makes it straightforward to assess the knowledge transfer.

How straightforward was it to get started?
High Speed Training courses are really accessible and the option to access them anywhere makes it easy to get started.

How did you find distributing the training and tracking the progress of your staff?
The training assigning is straightforward and I like the option to look at number of attempts a learner is undertaking to ensure the system isn’t being manipulated.

What issues did you face whilst using our training and/or systems and how were they resolved?
I have not had any issues using the training system, the training system is easy to use and the user interface is good as well. Rarely we get any issues with it and if we do require some support, High Speed Training are quick to resolve our issues.

What specific outcomes have you achieved as a result of using our training?
Our compliance numbers have gone up but not only that, our employees are well aware of the risks involved with Manual Handling and the need for elimination of associated risks. The training also forms part of our standard on-boarding suite of e-learnings on offer.

Can you give an example of any awards, metrics or data to support your results?
We have recently been able to get our accreditation for health and safety ISO standards and also BRC V9 audit went really well. For our health and safety management system, it is crucial that our employees are compliant and aware of the risks involved with Manual Handling.

What feedback have you received from your employees or other stakeholders?
The feedback is generally positive and the employees find it easy to navigate through the learning environment.

Are there any specific features or aspects of the training that they particularly liked?
The associated videos really help land the message and within each module the mini quizes really help. I also like the overall assessment at the end as it does cover elements of risk assessment protocols.

Overall, would you recommend High Speed Training to others?
I would highly recommend High Speed Training to other organisations, because of the high standard of training and value for money it offers. It can be a perfect one stop shop for a lot of organisations compliance requirements and can also be leveraged as an LMS for e-learning requirements.


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