Customer Testimonials: Premier Education

Arron Richmond
January 24, 2024
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As a sports education provider working in primary schools, the team at Premier Education require certificates of compliance to enable them to work in the sector. Operations Manager Marco Romano explains how we had the wide range of courses needed to support them.

Please introduce yourself and your organisation.
Marco Romano, Operations Manager at Premier Education. We are a sports education company working within primary schools across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire delivering PE and extracurricular sessions to children.

Why did you choose our e-learning courses?
Working in the education sector, there are certain certificates that our staff members need to work within the sector. Therefore there is a need for all staff to complete a series of online training courses. High Speed Training has a large variety of courses available together with a good price. I have used High Speed Training’s services for many years now and will continue to do so.

What specific need or problem were you trying to address by taking our training?
Our staff members need to meet certain training requirements to be compliant in their role. High Speed Training’s vast variety of different courses put them as a leader in their market to meet the needs of many businesses. The system is quick and simple and allows learners to receive the login information instantly after purchase.

How did our training stand out from other options you considered?
For me it’s a number of factors including ease of purchasing and price. The website is also easy to use and so finding courses is never an issue. The training courses themself are informative and enjoyable for our staff to work through. Contact information is also clearly visible in the event of any problems that may occur. The training is first class as is the service.

How was the learning process for you and your staff?
The learning process is great for staff. The courses are set out and designed to be informative and indicative of what our staff need from them. As someone myself who has done many of the online courses, they are a great way to learn valuable knowledge whilst gaining the certification.

How straightforward was it to get started?
The process to get started is very straightforward. The design of the website makes it easier to navigate and locate the training course you need. Following this, there is a simple purchase and payment process.

How did you find distributing the training and tracking the progress of your staff?
Within my role, the majority of the time, I arrange training for other people to complete. My initial thought was that it may be difficult to do this, however the system for distributing this couldn’t be easier. There are a variety of different ways to send this to colleagues which makes my job much simpler.

What issues did you face whilst using our training and/or systems and how were they

I am pleased to say that I have not faced any issues. The system is easy to use. Because of this, I have never needed to contact High Speed Training although I’m sure if I needed to, they would be available to support.

What specific outcomes have you achieved as a result of using our training?
The main outcome for our business is to ensure all staff have developed a good understanding of the topic of training they are doing. From using High Speed Training, staff themselves find it easy to work their way through the courses and gain the vital information they need for their job role.

Can you give an example of any awards, metrics or data to support your results?
Working in the education sector, there are numerous times local agencies will visit our settings and conduct the relevant checks they need to. These include Ofsted visits. I am pleased to say that from the training courses staff have completed, these checks have always been positive.

What feedback have you received from your employees or other stakeholders?
The feedback received from employees has been positive. At times, online training can be deemed to be boring and time consuming, however with High Speed Training, the courses are valuable in terms of the knowledge they provide to staff members.

How effective and engaging have they found the training?
Staff find the training very effective and engaging. Examples used within the courses are things our team can experience in their everyday roles and so the training is always informative for the team.

Are there any specific features or aspects of the training that they particularly liked?
The main feature would be how the courses are designed and how they link to its topic. This is what makes the courses so interesting and specific to the needs of our employees.

Overall, would you recommend High Speed Training to others?
I would absolutely recommend High Speed Training to others. The service is brilliant. There are many different courses to do. For the training topics our staff need, I do not go anywhere else.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would just like to say well done and thank you for the service you provide. I have used High Speed Training many times and will continue to do so.


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