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January 24, 2024
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Staedtler is a stationery manufacturer and distributer with offices worldwide. With a desire for training to cover their needs in a way that keeps staff interested, Staedtler required a training provider that was easily accessible and engaging. Janet Thomas explains why our training courses suited the staff at Stadtler perfectly.

Please introduce yourself and your organisation.
Janet Thomas, PA to MD/Personnel Administrator at Staedtler. Staedtler is a Stationery Manufacturer and Distributor. The UK office is a subsidiary with 18 employees (Staedtler has offices worldwide with a HQ in Germany).

Why did you choose our e-learning courses?
We needed courses which were not too long to complete, thus keeping interest, and which we could roll out to all staff to complete over a given time span. We also wanted to be able to provide the same training for new recruits as and when required.

What specific need or problem were you trying to address by taking our training?
ED&I was a training subject we had been looking into for quite some time – to find the right one for our small office needs. We had previously had a full day of talks from various members of the ED&I movements, but these, although interesting and insightful, did not really cover our needs and were too long to keep everyone’s interest. We needed training where everyone could access the same information in their own time and which could also be accessed by new recruits as and when required.

How did our training stand out from other options you considered?
The High Speed Training courses suited us perfectly, and with the Administrator portal, it was easy to see who was engaging and where the courses had been completed. We also ran the High Speed Mental Health Training for Staff and for Managers. Previously, just one person would attend a course and then feed back to other staff, but with your courses, the costs per person made it very accessible and provided everyone with first-hand training and information – training for the whole team rather than just one person.

How was the learning process for you and your staff?
The courses were very well received, and most people engaged immediately. The feedback from individuals was very good, with all feeling it covered the various sections in straightforward detail, not overly complicated to learn, and made issues much clearer. Also, most commented that the length of time to complete each course was just right, therefore keeping them more engaged with the process.

How straightforward was it to get started?
It was quite straightforward to start each training program, as it involved just logging in, and the ability to stop and restart where you left off is invaluable. It meant staff did not find it too daunting to have to sit for a few hours to get through it in one session. It’s much more appealing to be able to reconnect and train in sessions to suit, if necessary. Some are happy to complete it in one go, but the option is there to suit everyone’s needs.

How did you find distributing the training and tracking the progress of your staff?
The very first set of training we did was on Mental Health, and as the Administrator, it was easy to distribute the various training programs. There were one or two glitches where individuals had tried entering the training, causing duplicate records, but a quick email to the customer service desk sorted everything quickly and without fuss.

What issues did you face whilst using our training and/or systems and how were they resolved?
Once logged into the various training courses, it was extremely easy and straightforward. As previously mentioned, there were one or two issues caused by staff not reading instructions properly or losing their login details, etc., but these were very quickly sorted by the High Speed Team, with everyone up and running without any delays.

What specific outcomes have you achieved as a result of using our training?
We have been able to easily provide necessary training to each and every member of staff, regardless of position, at a very competitive cost to the company. As a company, we complete tenders for various authorities and agencies, and therefore we are able to comply with the many standards required by them. The company is committed to ensuring our staff are fully conversant in ED&I and Mental Health standards. I have also received feedback from some members of staff who found the Mental Health training very interesting. It made them think about how they were feeling and behaving, as well as making them aware of colleagues who may be struggling but not showing it. It has made the team more thoughtful about others.

Can you give an example of any awards, metrics or data to support your results?
The two courses we have rolled out to date are Mental Health and ED&I, and this training has helped the company compete when submitting tenders to authorities who require certain standards within the companies they deal with. So, this training has benefited the company as much as individual staff. We hope to look at more courses in the future.

What feedback have you received from your employees or other stakeholders?
As previously mentioned, feedback from staff has been very positive, not only for the content but also for the ease of access, the ability to complete in sections, and the time required to complete. All have stated how the information is set out in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way, and that everyone received the same training regardless of position.

How effective and engaging have they found the training?
Very effective. I previously mentioned an ED&I full-day session with speakers, which was far too long, took staff away from their jobs for a whole day, and was not as meaningful due to a loss of interest partway through, with too much information being supplied back-to-back and not in a straightforward way. This method detracted from some of the important facts and issues the speakers were trying to convey. The High Speed Training course allows you to take as much time as you need to understand the message.

Are there any specific features or aspects of the training that they particularly liked?
They appreciated that the High Speed course allows you to take as much time as you need to digest the information on-screen and to go back if necessary. Additionally, some found the ability to listen to the text being read aloud, as well as having it on screen, a positive experience. They also liked being able to complete the course in sections and pick up where they left off.

Overall, would you recommend High Speed Training to others?
Absolutely! The cost of the courses allows the company to roll them out to everyone, not just selected individuals. The content of the courses we have undertaken has been informative and concise. The length of each course keeps the learner engaged, as they are not too daunting. The variety of subjects available enables a company to provide all the necessary training to their workforce, regardless of their line of business. The customer service is excellent, and any issues (of which there were few) were responded to immediately – not always a given in this day and age.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I was pleased to find High Speed Training when searching for relevant courses for our team. Being able to provide the same training to everyone (and to new recruits as and when required) in a cost-effective way has been invaluable. The High Speed Training team is very approachable and knowledgeable with great customer focus, which is very refreshing! Additionally, having the portal to keep track of people’s commitment to the training is a great way to manage it. We would definitely recommend High Speed Training.


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