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AI Ethical Charter

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Effective: October 2023


High Speed Training (HST) is built on strong values. We are passionate about being a ‘Force For Good’. We want to ensure that we have a positive impact on our customers, our colleagues, our communities and our planet. We have been able to do this by embracing new technology and using it to deliver training that empowers our learners to make their workplace the safest it can be. Our approach will not change with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into our technology. 


AI is a disruptive technology that is rapidly changing society and work. We will ensure that our adoption of AI is consistent with our values. We will work together to serve the interests of our customers, our colleagues, our communities and our planet by being informed, aligned, transparent and legal. 

This will ensure HST remains a safe, ethical and inclusive place for our stakeholders at all times. 


AI affects digital data, the digital tools we use, and our processes and practices. It has the potential to affect all areas of our business, so we need to consider its impact on our stakeholders equally.

What it is 

AI is a tool that should be used to help us be more effective and efficient. It should provide valuable digital assistance.

What it isn't

AI should never make unilateral, independent decisions for us. It is our job to consider the risk of using AI. AI is not capable of regulating itself, that also remains our job. 


At all times, we will:

  • Collaborate
  • Be ethical by default and comply with regulations as they emerge
  • Consider the impact on people, including on us as colleagues
  • Focus on the outputs that can support us
  • Verify the validity of outputs
  • Consider any side effects, intentional or otherwise
  • Retain control of what we build
  • Protect what we have already built
  • Be able to explain our decisions
  • Remain curious

    We will never compromise on:

    • Legality 
    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Our values


    In conclusion, we will support the use of AI where it strongly aligns with the approach outlined above.

    If we discover any real or perceived compromise on our approach outlined above, we will collectively stop and carefully consider our actions to ensure we leave things better than we found them.

    Sign off

    This statement was approved by:

    Carole Urey - CEO

    High Speed Training Limited

    Date: October 2023