Life After Lockdown: What Are We Most Looking Forward To?

July 1, 2020
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Finally, we have a glimmer of hope that we will be returning to normal-ish soon. Gradually, non essential retail is resurfacing, meaning our high streets are slightly more than ghost towns.

Our sorely missed restaurants, bars and pubs are also set to return at the weekend where we can enjoy a pint, a G&T and a meal that we haven’t had to make ourselves.

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Better still, we can do all this with freshly cut hair?! Who would have thought we would ever be so looking forward to, what were previously, normal parts of our routines.

But what are we most looking forward to out of those now much sought after luxuries? Well, we wanted to find out.

High Speed Training surveyed 2000 members of the public to discover exactly where they would be heading first once the tight restrictions of lockdown were eased.

Are sleek locks and a cold one more important than seeing our relatives? Is anyone really desperate to get back to the gym? Find out here…

Where Are We Going First After Lockdown?

Now, there have been a few people who have not entirely played by the rules. From footballers having lavish gatherings to students having not-so-secret house parties, anyone would be forgiven for thinking the younger British generations are desperate to let their hair down.

Well, they are, but not in a way we might anticipate.

Going for a night out came last in the list of things we’re looking forward to once lockdown lifts. In fact, only a fifth of Gen Zers are heading for a night out straight away, whereas over a quarter of them want to go and see grandparents. The younger generation is a social bunch though, as 37% of millennials and just under half of Gen Zers can’t wait to meet up with their friends first.

haircut after covid-19

For the older age group, 45+, they have one unanimous priority that precedes seeing friends, family, and even going to the pub. The first place they will be heading from Saturday 4th July is to the hairdressers for an eagerly awaited haircut!

The survey results are good news for the hospitality sector which has arguably been one of the most affected economically by the pandemic. Going for a restaurant meal remained firmly in the top 3 priorities across all age ranges, over and above going to the cinema or going for coffee.

It seems as though most of us are a little sick of the same four walls as having a house party was the least popular activity.

Surprisingly, nearly 4% of people actually don’t know what they will do with their new found freedom.

couples clinking glasses on first restaurant meal since lockdown

There has been a surge in the use of the hashtag #homeworkouts with many would-be gym goers counting the days down until they can reopen in the UK.

However, they won’t be too disappointed that indoor fitness will remain closed from the weekend, as going to a gym was a relatively low priority according to our survey. Only 12% of people stated that this is something they are looking forward to, with 18-24 year olds being the most interested.

The Top 10 Post Lockdown Activities in the UK

So what are our top 10 most anticipated activities as the UK starts steadily to resume a sense of normality? Here are the results:

  1. Have a haircut – 38%
  2. Visit friends – 37%
  3. Enjoy a restaurant meal – 36%
  4. Have a shopping trip – 30%
  5. Book a holiday – 29%
  6. Go to the pub – 26%
  7. Go for a coffee – 20%
  8. Visit a beach – 20%
  9. Hit the gym – 12%
  10. Have a night out – 12%

couple enjoying restaurant meal after lockdown

What are you most excited about over the next few months? Let us know in the comments below!

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