Ladder Safety Quiz

September 21, 2015
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Test Your Ladder Safety Knowledge

There are numerous types of work roles that involve using ladders, and they can all pose a health and safety risk if not managed correctly. Being adequately trained and aware of how to use ladders safely is critical for those that use ladders in their day-to-day work . Otherwise, they could encounter accidents and injuries associated with working at heights, such as a injurious or fatal fall. Take our quick quiz and see what you know about ladder safety.


Which of these is a common hazard associated with ladders?

Man standing on a ladder to look at house gutters
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What is the maximum time that the HSE recommends you spend on a ladder?

House with ladders and scaffolding
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Who may use a ladder in the workplace?

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What is the maximum total load that a EN 131 ladder can sustain?

Man climbing a ladder in a stockroom
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What should you do if you find a ladder that is defective or broken?

Person climbing a ladder
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Test Your Ladder Safety Knowledge
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