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Do I Need a DBS Check for Work?
Safeguarding AdultsSafeguarding Children

If you want to work with vulnerable groups or sensitive information, you will need a DBS check. Our guide answers some common questions to help you choose.

Jun 4, 2018
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The 5 Tests of Homelessness Explained
Advanced SafeguardingSafeguarding Adults

The 5 tests of homelessness assess an individual’s eligibility for accommodation, provided by local authorities or housing associations.

Apr 16, 2018
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What is Safeguarding Training & Why is it so Important?
Safeguarding AdultsSafeguarding ChildrenTraining

Learn the importance of safeguarding children and adults and the value it brings to society. Further information and resources provided.

Apr 11, 2018
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Housing Management Quiz
Advanced SafeguardingSafeguarding Adults

Take our housing management quiz to check that you know your responsibilities as a landlord, or when working in the social housing sector.

Mar 30, 2018
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Workplace Adjustments for People with Disabilities: Employer Responsibilities
Equality and DiversitySafeguarding Adults

Under the Equality Act, employers must make workplace adjustments for any disabled employees or interview candidates. We outline what these may include.

Mar 5, 2018
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What is Person-Centred Care and Why is it Important?
Advanced SafeguardingSafeguarding Adults

Person centred care involves caring for patients beyond their medical condition. Our guide examines why this is important, and how it works in practice.

Feb 23, 2018
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What are the 6 Principles of the Care Act 2014?
Advanced SafeguardingSafeguarding Adults

To protect and safeguard vulnerable adults, caregivers must follow 6 principles of the Care Act 2014. Learn what these are & how to follow them.

Oct 20, 2017
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Seeing the Signs of Dyslexia
EducationSafeguarding AdultsSafeguarding ChildrenTeachers and Parents

Dyslexia can be difficult to diagnose. Our guide examines the signs of dyslexia to look out for in children, teens & adults.

Oct 9, 2017
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Dementia & Diet: Can Certain Foods Improve Your Brain Health?
NutritionSafeguarding Adults

The link between dementia and diet has been heavily researched. Find out which foods nourish the brain & how you can incorporate these into your lifestyle.

Apr 7, 2017
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What is the Difference between Arranged Marriage and Forced Marriage?
Safeguarding AdultsSafeguarding ChildrenTrauma and Abuse

We explain the fundamental difference between arranged marriage and forced marriage, and why it’s important not to conflate the two.

Apr 4, 2017
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