Online Health & Nutrition Courses

Courses available in the Health & Nutrition sector:

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Duration: 4-6 Hours
£30 +VAT
This online nutrition training course follows the Level 2 Healthier Food and Special Diets syllabus and gives people who work with food, and those who are interested in improving their diet, the information they need to offer healthier food choices to their clients and themselves.
Online Nutrition and Healthy Eating Training Course

Nutrition for Weight Loss

Duration: 2 Hours
£30 +VAT
This online Nutrition for Weight Loss Training Course is designed to help people who are overweight or obese understand the components and benefits of having a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The course looks at the different weight loss diets available and outlines the best techniques for achieving weight loss safely and effectively.
Nutrition for Weight Loss Training Course

Sports Nutrition Training

Duration: 2-3 Hours
£30 +VAT
This Sports Nutrition course is designed to help anyone with an interest in sports or fitness regimes understand the importance of having a well-balanced, healthy diet to enhance performance and maintain or achieve specific levels of fitness. This course provides useful sports nutrition advice to help you successfully plan your diet in order to achieve your optimum performance and fitness goals.
Online Sports Nutrition Training Course

Childhood Weight Management

Duration: 2-3 Hours
£25 +VAT
This online Child Weight Management course is designed to help parents, carers and anyone who works in childcare understand the importance of children maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The course provides practical tips and ideas to help you manage childhood obesity, including recipe ideas, activity suggestions and information on how to create a balanced diet.
Childhood Weight Management Training Course