Supporting Businesses Through COVID-19
We want to reassure customers that all of our training courses are still available online and we are here to support our learners.
We've developed a range of courses and free resources to help our customers stay safe, effective and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Health & Nutrition Courses

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Training Course
Duration: 3-4 hours
£30 +VAT
This online nutrition training course aims to explain the relationship between nutrition, diet and health so that people are able to make decisions about what they should be eating for the best nutritional results.
Diabetes Awareness
Duration: 3 hours
£25 +VAT
An online course designed to give learners an understanding of diabetes, its causes, and its complications. It explains how to minimise the risk of these complications and how to manage the condition.
Nutrition for Children
Duration: 2 hours
£30 +VAT
This Nutrition for Children course is designed to help parents, carers and those who work in childcare understand the importance of providing children with a highly nutritional diet in order to aid their growth and development.