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Online Personal Development Courses

Online Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training

Duration: 6 hours
£60 +VAT
This course aims to help you adopt an effective leadership and management style, so you can get the most out of yourself and your team. It discusses a variety of techniques that you should use to motivate, coach, and support your team, as well as develop your own capabilities.
Online Minute Taking Training Course

Minute Taking Training Course

Duration: 2 hours
£40 +VAT
This Minute Taking course aims to train those who work as a minute-taker to be successful in their role. It educates them in the importance of minute taking, what it entails, and good minute taking practices, while also familiarising them with how to best make notes during a meeting and with writing an official Minutes document.
Online Effective Leadership Training Course

Effective Leadership Training Course

Duration: 3-4 hours
£125 +VAT
This Effective Leadership training course is designed to enrich leadership competencies. It focuses on advancing leadership proficiencies such as strategic and operational decision-making and leveraging them for measurable, sustained impact in a range of business environments.
Online Communication Skills Training Course

Communication Skills Training

Duration: 2-3 hours
£25 +VAT
This online Communication Skills training course has been designed by business professionals to help managers and supervisors improve their communication skills at work. Covering everything from appraisals, feedback, constructive criticism to coaching, motivating, and negotiation.
Online Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Duration: 3-4 hours
£60 +VAT
Using tips, guidance and downloadable worksheets, this Project Management training course aims to provide learners with an understanding of the basics of project management so that they can successfully and confidently bring their own project through from initiation to completion.
Online Time Management Training Course

Time Management Training Course

Duration: 3-4 hours
£20 +VAT
This Time Management course aims to educate those who are looking to improve their usage of time about the benefits of utilising good strategies, tools, and techniques for streamlining work activity.
Online Starting a Business Training Course

Starting a Business Course

Duration: 4 hours
£25 +VAT
This Starting a Business course familiarises learners with the process required to start a successful business. It covers how to write a comprehensive business plan, how to set up the business in good standing with the law, and ways to access professional advice or funding.
Online Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation Skills Training

Duration: 1-2 hours
£30 +VAT
This course aims to help learners develop good presentation skills. It guides learners through the various stages of a presentation, from writing to practising and presenting, in order to give learners the skills needed to present concisely and effectively.
Online Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Course

Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training

Duration: 3-4 hours
£40 +VAT
This online Introduction to NLP training course sets out some of the main ideas of NLP in an understandable, practical and useful way, using a range of NLP exercises throughout and providing skills to help improve your personal confidence and communication skills.
Social Media Marketing Training Course

Social Media Marketing Training

Duration: 2-3 hours
£25 +VAT
The Social Media Marketing course has been designed to provide learners with an understanding of different social media platforms, how to use social media for marketing, the benefits of social media marketing, the importance of personal branding, and how to interact on social media.
Online Networking Skills Training Course

Networking Skills

Duration: 1-2 hours
£30 +VAT
This Networking Skills course provides learners with the knowledge they need to be confident about networking, prepare well for a networking event, successfully start and hold a conversation and maintain a mutually beneficial network of contacts.
Online Creative Writing Skills Training Course

Creative Writing Skills

Duration: 5-6 hours
£40 +VAT
This Creative Writing course aims to invoke inspiration in the minds of anyone who loves writing. It provides numerous techniques, exercises, and activities which they can engage with to both prompt story ideas and to fine-tune their existing skills.