Child Exploitation Quiz

February 26, 2021
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Test Your Child Exploitation Knowledge

Exploitation – including Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) – is an issue that anyone working with children and families should have a good understanding of. It can have a huge impact on those who experience it, with consequences that can last for life. As a result, you need to know what puts children at risk, the potential indicators that exploitation is taking place, and what to do when you have concerns. Have a go at our Child Exploitation Quiz to see how much you know already.


What is classed as ‘sexual exploitation of a child'?

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A child under the age of 16 is not able to give valid consent to sexual activity - and sexual exploitation includes coercing a child into watching or producing images or videos.

Which of the following indicates that CCE might be occurring?

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Anti-social behaviour, such as young people being arrested carrying drugs, knives, guns, or other weapons could indicate CCE. Additional indicators include lots of different people visiting a particular house or flat, and unexplained new possessions that young people probably wouldn't be able to afford on their own (for example, cars).

Which of the following is a potential indicator of CSE?

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Repeated sexually transmitted infections might indicate that CSE is occurring. Other indicators include persistently going missing, inappropriate sexualised behaviour for their age, and significant changes in their emotional wellbeing.

What is 'cuckooing'?

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'Cuckooing' refers to a person being pushed out of their home, so that it can be used for gang activity.

What should you do if a child tells you that they are being exploited?

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You need to act as early as possible when a child tells you that they are being exploited - this is vital.

Which of the following are your responsibilities as someone who works with young people?

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You do need to raise awareness, challenge poor practice, and safeguard young people. However, while you should flag concerns and make referrals, you don't need to investigate issues yourself.

When should you make a referral to social care?

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You should make a referral to social care as soon as you suspect that a child is at risk of significant harm. You don't need the child's consent nor any evidence (although it can help to have this), and you don't need to talk to their parents first, since this could put them at further risk.

Child Exploitation Quiz
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