Fire Extinguisher Quiz

December 17, 2015
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Test Your Fire Safety Knowledge

To safely and effectively fight fires, having a strong understanding of the equipment you’re handling is important – especially so when using fire extinguishers. Fighting fire with the correct type will ensure that it’s extinguished quickly, but picking up the wrong one and spraying could lead to catastrophic results. How much do you know about fire extinguishers? Test your knowledge below. 


What colour band will help you identify a CO2 extinguisher?

Worker inspecting extinguishers
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Why shouldn't you use a carbon dioxide extinguisher on fires involving cooking oils and fats?

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What colour is used to help you identify powder extinguishers?

Person pulling the pin out of extinguisher
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What type of extinguisher is most effective at fighting electrical fires?

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What classes of fire are foam extinguishers effective at fighting?

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Fire Extinguisher Quiz
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