Case Study: Food Hygiene & Safety Adherence at Deliveroo Editions

December 11, 2019
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The Challenge at Deliveroo Editions:

  • Ensuring all sites have the same high standard of food hygiene and safety knowledge
  • Ensuring sites and employees are supported with keeping up to date on the latest industry changes

The Objectives:

  • Find a suitable training provider who provides flexible courses, enabling these to be rolled out from site to site
  • Ensure training material is up to date, engaging and accessible

The Solution:

  • An online training provider with the ability to start, pause and complete a course as and when required
  • Comprehensive course information that’s easy to understand
  • A free Hub of resources, including handy posters, guides and checklists

A Background on Deliveroo Editions:

Deliveroo launched in May 2017 with the aim of making the nation’s favourite restaurants available in the comfort of your own home. The scheme has widened the reach of restaurants, helped to give up and coming chefs a starting platform and given us a whole new appetite for takeaways.

I caught up with Ewelina Drewko, the Food Safety Manager for Deliveroo Editions, to find out what exactly ‘food safety’ means for Deliveroo and how online training facilities it.

How Important is Food Safety to Deliveroo?

Food safety is number one and I repeat that to everyone every single day. It has to be. When you are dealing with food, you have to be on high alert all the time.

Ewelina advises me that a member of the food safety management team conducts daily site visits to ensure everything is running as smoothly as it should.

We provide constant support for our chefs, whether that is by coaching them, helping them to prepare for inspections or providing resources for them to pin up and act as reminders.

What Risks Does Deliveroo Need to Eliminate?

As with any commercial kitchen, Ewelina informs me Deliveroo must be vigilant in their approach to following food safety practices in order to reduce risks. This involves preventing cross-contamination and ensuring a firm procedure is observed with regard to allergens.

Food safety best practice advice can change, highlighting another industry risk and the need to stay up to date. Ewelina informs me that, to navigate this, tight communication channels are needed, in addition to 2-yearly refresher training and a supply of resources.

Ewelina came across our resource centre, the Hub, recently while on the hunt for a poster…

The resources there are really handy. We use posters for reminders around the kitchen so the Guide to Handwashing came in particularly useful.

Why Did You Choose High Speed Training?

Ewelina informs that when she came into the role, High Speed Training was the online training provider of choice.

I have used it since, despite there being other options and propositions. It is easy to use and satisfies our need to be compliant.

At Deliveroo Editions, Training is a fundamental requirement. New starters will complete a variety of training, both online and face to face, before they begin their role. This ensures they receive a strong grounding of HACCP and food safety procedures. Training continues throughout a career at Deliveroo Editions, with regular refresher courses, 1:1 coaching and on the job training.

We are driving a food safety culture in our business.

What Can You Learn From Deliveroo?

  1. Communicate. Working in the food and beverage sector is notoriously complex, with many procedures and legal requirements that are constantly being updated. Communication in your business is key to staying on top of these changes.
  2. Invest in training. Training is a way of demonstrating due diligence and also helps your staff to feel confident in what they are doing. Online training often only takes a matter of hours, making it an easy option for a good grounding, or as a refresher.
  3. Drive a ‘food safety culture’. If you establish food safety as a number one priority, this will form the basis of all your procedures. Similarly, if it is led by management, your employees will be able to follow the example and you will find the culture will be embedded

Take a look at our extensive library of food hygiene and HACCP courses or call a member of our friendly support team on 0333 006 7000 to see how we can help your business.