Dignity in Care Quiz

August 18, 2016
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Test Your Knowledge of Dignity in Care

A caregiver’s role involves looking after patients’ well-being, but this involves more than just the physical side of care. Upholding a person’s dignity is a vital aspect of delivering proper care: it enables them to feel secure, comfortable, and most importantly valued and respected. This will make a person’s time of recovery much easier and more bearable. Test your understanding of dignity in care with our quick quiz below.


Which of these is an effective way to improve communication with patients so their dignity is upheld?

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Which piece of legislation is particularly relevant to dignity in care?

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Which of these is NOT a dignity factor?

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Which type of discrimination refers to when a person is discriminated against because that person has a relation of some kind to someone with a protected characteristic?

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Which of these is a way you can support a person's personal hygiene so to maintain their dignity?

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Test your Knowledge of Dignity in Care
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