Fire Safety for Care Homes Quiz

October 24, 2018
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Test Your Fire Safety for Care Homes Knowledge

A good understanding of fire safety is necessary for any premises in which you work. In establishments with vulnerable residents, such as care homes, you may need to have specialist procedures in place that cater for individual needs. Are you confident in your awareness of fire safety concerning care homes? Have a go at our quick quiz to test your knowledge.


Residents in a care home may need support to evacuate due to:

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The volume of alarms above residents' beds should ideally be:

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Which type of evacuation strategy involves evacuating residents at significant risk first, while others temporarily wait?

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What might vulnerable residents need in order to evacuate safely?

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Which one of these is NOT an example of a group of vulnerable people in care homes?

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Test your Fire Safety for Care Homes Knowledge
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Need Training?

Our RoSPA approved Fire Safety for Care Homes training will teach you how to uphold fire safety practices and take care of vulnerable residents in case of emergency. You might also be interested in appointing a Fire Warden in your care home.

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