Interviewing Skills Quiz

May 20, 2016
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Test Your Interviewing Skills

As a manager, you can’t shy away from tough conversations. And you’ll have to handle a whole host of tricky conversations, from the good (hiring) to the bad (firing) and the just plain ugly (disciplinary). Disciplinary interviews, dismissals and telling job candidates that they didn’t make the cut are hard conversations. But, they’re essential to your job. They’re emotionally exhausting, and they test your skill set and confidence to the max. Yet, feeling assured that you’re doing the right thing can go some way to making these conversations easier. So, can you handle a dismissal? Can you hire like a detective? And can you make a performance interview a productive time?

Imagine you have an employee who's consistently late, argumentative, and lazy. Before you get to the stage where you've decided to dismiss them, what steps should you have taken?

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