Hannah Spruce

Interview Questions for Hospitality Staff

Hospitality Recruitment

Our guide gives example interview questions & answers for chefs, bartenders and waiting staff. Our in house experts will help you prepare.

Oct 10, 2019
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A Guide to Food Labelling Regulations

Allergens and Food Labelling Food Safety Hospitality

Are you up to speed on the UK food labelling regulations? Our guide explains the crucial guidelines for allergen, nutritional & organic product information.

Oct 12, 2018
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Preventative Maintenance in the Food Industry

Food Safety Safety Management

Good manufacturing practice requires food processing plants to maintain machinery and equipment. Learn how to achieve this via preventative maintenance.

Feb 5, 2018
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Bullying and Harassment Quiz

Equality and Diversity Human Resources

Are you aware of the issues and legalities around workplace bullying and harassment? Put your knowledge to the test in our quick quiz.

Jan 31, 2018
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How to Check References for Safer Recruitment

Human Resources Recruitment Safeguarding Children Teachers and Parents

Our guide to checking references explains what you should ask in order to obtain useful information about candidates. Includes examples & further resources.

Dec 15, 2017
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Marking Symbols: A Guide for Primary School Teachers

Education Teachers and Parents

Improve your pupils’ core skills, and make feedback a more interactive process. Download our marking symbols template to use in your classroom.

Oct 30, 2017
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Promoting Social Development in Children Through Structured Group Play

Education Teachers and Parents

Guide for parents, teachers & playworkers to promote social development in young children through play. Example social development activities provided.

Sep 18, 2017
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What Happens If I Fail a Test Purchase? Your Questions Answered

Business Law and Compliance Hospitality

Advice for the hospitality industry on test purchases. Is there a fine for failing? When can a test purchase be conducted? We answer your questions!

Sep 13, 2017
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Restaurant Cleaning Schedule Template

Food Safety Hospitality

Our restaurant cleaning schedule template will ensure you and your staff consistently and appropriately follow food hygiene and safety procedures.

Sep 6, 2017
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The Importance of Stocktaking in Hospitality: Guide for Managers

Food Safety Hospitality

Calculating & monitoring stock in hospitality can help you reach a number of important business goals. Learn more about the purpose & benefits in our guide.

Aug 15, 2017
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