LGBT Awareness Quiz

January 27, 2017
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Test your LGBT Awareness Knowledge

In the UK, legally, we're getting closer than ever to equality for LGBT people. However, in the workplace, it's a different story. 43% of gay men report experiencing homophobia in the workplace according to a workplace survey by The survey also found that when starting their first job out of university, 62% of LGBT graduates conceal their gender identity or sexuality. Confident in your LGBT awareness? Test yourself with our quick quiz below.


Which of these sentences trivialises the sexuality of bisexual people?

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What is gender identity?

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In LGBT terminology, what does 'deadnaming' refer to?

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Which of the following organisations may be able to discriminate against LGBT people in certain limited circumstances?

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How can you respect gender variance in the workplace?

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Test your LGBT Awareness
Want to learn more about the issues faced in the workplace by LGBTQ+ people? Take a look at our LGBTQ+ Awareness Training.

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