February 10, 2020
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Test your knowledge of TACCP

TACCP is an essential part of food safety, and forms the basis for food defence in the food production industry. Anyone involved in the production of raw food, food manufacturing and its distribution along a supply chain has a responsibility to protect it. TACCP does this by defending the supply chain from intentional threats. It is important to understand how TACCP can protect and help deliver safe food to consumers. Test your knowledge on TACCP with our quick quiz below.


Who should be a part of the TACCP team?

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The TACCP team should be formed by those with relevant expertise. While it must meet the needs of the business, it usually is formed of several people in key areas such as distribution, HR and procurement.

What does TACCP stand for?

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TACCP stands for Threat Analysis and Critical Control Points and is a tool for companies to assess the threats they face, and put in ways to control these threats.

What does TACCP focus on?

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TACCP focuses on identifying any vulnerabilities the product may be subject to, assessing the level of threat and implementing ways to control this.

TACCP considers different types of threats including Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA). What is EMA also known as?

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Economically Motivated Adulteration is another name for the term Food Fraud. One of the most notorious recent examples of which was the horsemeat scandal in 2013.

How often should a TACCP assessment be carried out?

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A TACCP assessment should be carried out at least annually and more frequently if there are any changes to processes in the business, or if a new threat emerges.


Want to learn more about the threats you may face, where they come from and how applying TACCP analysis can help prevent and mitigate food safety incidents? Take a look at our Level 2 TACCP Training Course.

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