What is an IIRSM Approval & What Does It Mean?

August 21, 2020
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At High Speed Training we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, accurate content that allows our learners to be engaged, effective, and safe in their chosen careers. As well as working with several subject matter experts, we also aim to get our courses independently reviewed to ensure that our content meets industry standards. To do this, we apply for accreditations, endorsements, and approvals for our courses.

There are various different types of accreditations, approvals, and endorsements available to online training companies. One type of approval that we display on a selection of our risk-based courses is Approval from the International Institute for Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).

However, it’s not always clear what these types of approvals mean or why they are beneficial for us and our learners. In this article, we will explain who IIRSM are and how we work with them to ensure that our content meets their high standards.

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Who is IIRSM?

The International Institute for Risk and Safety Management, also known as IIRSM, is an independent, educational charity that promotes risk management with the aim of improving employee and organisational wellbeing.

IIRSM provides support to their global community of over 8000 members working in a range of risk-related disciplines. Risk management is vital for ensuring a safe working environment, maintaining a positive reputation, and ensuring a profitable business. Therefore, IIRSM work to support their members with professional advice and guidance, as well as offering training organisations an opportunity to apply for Approval through their Training Approval Scheme.

What is an IIRSM Approval?

To ensure that a course meets their quality standards, IIRSM’s Training Approval process assesses the course’s learning experience and technical content, the competence of any subject matter experts involved in course development, and the course quality.

When we applied for Approval through IIRSM’s Training Approval Scheme, we worked with them to submit an application that provided the details of the courses, proof of subject matter expert qualifications, and supporting materials. Our application form then underwent a comprehensive review by IIRSM’s assessors to ensure that our courses met their assessment criteria.

During this process, we received feedback on our courses from IIRSM. We then liaised with them to ensure that our courses provide a high-quality, accurate training experience that allows our learners to effectively manage the risks in their workplaces.

Why is it Important for Our Courses to be Approved By IIRSM?

Applying for external accreditations, endorsements and approvals, such as IIRSM Approval, helps to assure our customers that our courses are independently assessed and reflect industry best practices. IIRSM are an educational charity who champion and set standards for risk management. Therefore, we have worked with IIRSM to independently assess a range of our risk-based courses to ensure they meet IIRSM’s quality standards.

Gaining IIRSM approval demonstrates that we work with professional organisations to ensure that we provide our customers with training that will help them to be engaged, effective and safe in their chosen careers. We consider our IIRSM Training Approval as a trust signal for our customers, so they can be sure the content has been independently assessed and that it meets IIRSM’s set standards.

Which High Speed Training Courses Are IIRSM Approved?

Several of our courses have been independently recognised by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management as meeting the standards of its Training Approval Scheme. A full list of High Speed Training’s courses that have been approved by IIRSM is detailed below.

Financial Services and Business Skills

We have worked with IIRSM to approve a selection of our Financial Services and Business Skills courses. These courses address risks such as bribery, money laundering and cyber security. They provide an introduction to key financial and business risks that organisations face and explain how these risks can be managed. Our courses approved by IIRSM in this sector are:

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Health and Safety Courses

Risk Management is a key focus for our Health and Safety courses. Therefore, we have worked with IIRSM to approve a selection of ours.

For example, our Respirable Crystalline Silica Awareness training course has recently been approved by IIRSM. Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust exposure poses significant risks to those working in construction, mining, and other dust producing industries. Therefore, it’s essential that workers understand how to manage the risks associated with their work activities. This course teaches our learners how to assess and manage the risks associated with RCS dust. We worked alongside IIRSM to approve our content and ensure that it meets their independent standards.  

Further High Speed Training health and safety courses that have been approved by IIRSM are:

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IIRSM Membership

Learners who take any of our IIRSM Approved courses are entitled to:

  • 15% off first year’s Affiliate subscription fee.
  • Application fee (£50) waived for any learner who would like to join IIRSM as an Associate or Full Member.

For more information about IIRSM, their membership options and their member benefits, you can visit their website here: IIRSM.

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