Food Hygiene Quiz for Kids

August 2, 2016
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Test Your Food Hygiene Knowledge

Do you know why we wash our hands? Why we wash our plates after eating? Why we have to wipe down counters and clean our stoves? Because bacteria is all around us: some good, some bad. The good bacteria is natural and harmless, but the bad bacteria can make us very ill. Bad bacteria can live in food and multiply, so we have to be very careful when we touch food and other things that come into contact with food. Do you know how to prevent bad bacteria from spreading? Try this food hygiene quiz and see what score you get!


Which shelf of the fridge should meat be on?

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What should you do with hot food before putting it in the fridge to store?

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When should you wash your hands before touching food?

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When should you wash chicken?

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Which one of these meats CANNOT be eaten rare (not cooked all the way through)?

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Food Hygiene For Kids Quiz
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