Healthy Eating Quiz for Kids

February 12, 2016
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Test Your Healthy Eating Knowledge

It’s important that our bodies get fed healthy food, like fruit and vegetables, every single day so that we can grow big and strong. Did you know that without healthy food we can’t run as far, jump as high or swim as fast? Have a go at our quick quiz to see how much you know about healthy eating!


Which one of the following after-school snacks is healthy?

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Protein is found in meat and we need it for healthy muscles. Which of these foods typically contains the most protein?

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Flavoured drinks are filled with sugar which is bad for our teeth. Which drink should you choose to have instead?

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What is the minimum number of portions of fruit and vegetables you should try to eat each day?

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Which of these foods contains the most vitamins and is good for your health?

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Healthy Eating Quiz For Kids
Want to learn more about what constitutes a healthy, nutritional diet for children? Take a look at our Nutrition for Children Training.

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