Food Safety Awareness Quiz

April 16, 2024
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Test Your Food Safety Knowledge

Do you work with food? Are you aware of the dangers that you may face on a daily basis when involved in food preparation activities? Anyone that handles food must be aware of the hazards and risks that could lead to food contamination and, as a result, to people getting ill. You should know what to do to ensure that food is not compromised and it is safe to eat. Think you know food safety? Try our quick quiz below. 


What temperature should your freezer be at?

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Most bacteria are inactive at low temperatures and many will stop growing. To ensure the food is safe to use, freezers should never exceed -18 °C.

Where should you store raw meat in your fridge?

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This prevents any risk of cross-contamination from the raw meat dripping onto ready-to-eat food.

What should food's core temperature be when cooked?

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Heating foods to this temperature will kill most food poisoning bacteria.

In which of these will bacteria multiply fastest?

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As ready-to-eat foods will not undergo any further cooking or treatment, they are at greater risk of bacteria multiplying on them.

Which of these is NOT something bacteria needs to grow and multiply?

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The presence of salt will minimise the risk of bacteria being able to multiply.

There are four categories of food safety hazards?

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A food safety hazard is something that has the potential to contaminate food and cause harm to the consumer.

If you need to wear a plaster while at work, what properties does it need to have?

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The dressings should be a bright, high-visibility colour so that they can easily be seen if they fall off.

What is a best before date an indicator of?

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Best before dates are more about food quality than food safety. They indicate the length of time for which a food will be at its best quality.

How long after a sickness and diarrhoea virus must you wait before returning to work?

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A person is generally most infectious until 48 hours after their symptoms have passed.

On which of the following foods are you likely to find a use-by date?

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Use-by dates are generally found on high-risk perishable foods that require refrigeration.

Food Safety Quiz
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