Our Top 10 Resources of 2019

January 7, 2020
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We’re just getting used to writing ‘2020’ in the office, as well as planning exciting things for the year ahead. However, this cold and wintery January day has got us feeling all nostalgic.

We thought we’d take a look at the last year on the Hub and round up 10 of our favourite articles. There are some of our golden oldies as well as some brand new entries…

Favourite Resources of 2019

10. Professional Development Template

It’s not January without some goal setting and tireless promises of self-improvement. Well, why don’t we help you make sure that 2020 is the year you see these through? Based on SMART principles, this template will help you evaluate where you are in your professional career and map out the steps to help you get to the next stage.

Our professional development plan was published in 2017, although continues to be one of our most downloaded resources to date!

Read the article here.

9. Food Allergy Chart

Media interest in the subject of allergens surged following the tragic cases of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse and Owen Carey, who both died after eating food containing an allergen that hadn’t been clearly specified. Popular restaurants and cafes have been working to overhaul their approach to allergens as a result of the impending changes to legislation in 2021.

Changing your approach and integrating new processes can be really challenging, especially for small businesses, which is why we created a free Food Allergy Chart Template for Hospitality. You can use it to record your menu’s dishes and keep clear records of the allergens contained in each one. There’s also a handy reminder of the 14 allergens included so your staff have a constant reference.

Allergy chart for restaurants preview

Read the article here.

8. Is Your Business Losing the Fight Against Food Fraud?

We’re cheating slightly here as this is an investigative series, spanning 6 research pieces and a quiz on the subject of food fraud. We asked just under 2,000 members of the public if they had ever eaten missold or mislabelled food and the vast majority answered no.

According to our findings, however, the issue of food fraud in manufacturing and hospitality is far more common than we might think. Take a look at how food fraud might be costing your business, explore the developments since the UK was plagued by horsemeat and see if you agree that millennials, who often have sustainable and ethical values, could be the ones to challenge food fraud for good.

Read the series here.

7. Case Study: Food Hygiene & Safety Adherence at Deliveroo Editions

In 2019 we focused our efforts on really getting to know our customers and finding out exactly what kind of impact our training makes. We learned what we did well, which extended far beyond just helping businesses to get compliant. Feedback told us our courses and supplementary material enabled learners to engage with the subjects and apply the complex legislation that had previously been intimidating.

We also learned a great deal about how we can improve and we’re excited to bring that feedback to life in 2020.

We packaged this up into a series of case studies to show how our training makes a real impact on businesses, such as by helping Deliveroo Editions to drive a ‘food safety culture’ and keep compliant.

Read the case study here.

See how we helped other businesses in our case study section!

6. Safeguarding Scenarios and Examples for Education

Customer feedback and research told us that real-world scenarios are effective in making sure information ‘sticks.’ There are many grey areas around what can be considered a safeguarding issue, which is why we created this scenario-based resource for schools. You’ll find 4 examples, compiled by our safeguarding experts, to help you apply the knowledge to your own educational environment.

Read the article here.

5. 10 Instances of Health & Safety Taken Too Far

We, of all people, know that health and safety is no laughing matter. However, there are occasions when rules have been taken a little too literally.

For a bit of fun, we collected them all here, from a 34-year-old being ID’d for Christmas crackers, to children’s balloons being burst – all in the name of ‘health and safety’.

Read the article here.

4. Mental Health Resources for Schools

The subject of mental health is becoming increasingly important. This is especially the case in school settings as this the age that nearly half of mental health issues present.

We put together a pack for schools that contains information on how to manage both student and staff wellbeing, activity ideas for enabling positive conversations and a thorough template for creating your own school mental health policy.

For this pack, we were absolutely thrilled to receive our first award nomination in the Safeguarding Category for the Teach Secondary Awards 2019.

mental health resource pack for schools preview image

Download the pack here.

Top 3 Articles of 2019

3. BBQ Checklist: Preparation & Safety Guide

You must think we are crazy mentioning barbecues in January?! However, it turns out people just love a good barbecue, whatever the weather, as this was our most-read article of 2019.

It contains advice on planning a barbecue, from setting a theme, creating a shopping list, avoiding waste and, of course, keeping food safe.

Get the checklist here

2. Food Hygiene: Know the Score 2019

We wanted to know how much the standards of food hygiene vary across the UK and look at why this might be the case. Analysing food safety data from a quarter of a million food businesses, we discovered that Harrogate was the most hygienic town in terms of food. Use the interactive map to see where your hometown ranks in our league!

Try out the map here.

1. Preserving the Art of Hospitality

It was tough crowning a winner. However, our extensive research into the challenges faced by the hospitality industry is a strong candidate. We surveyed 2000 members of the public and 250 managers in the industry to find out what they think is holding the industry back.

Art of Hospitality Report Infographic

We got closer to the issues of recruitment, retention and the dreaded subject of Brexit, finding out what these topics really mean to our favourite restaurants, cafes and bars.

Take a look at our findings here.

Choosing a top 10 from our library of over 700 resources was a tricky task. From templates, posters, guides and news, our readers engaged with a range of material spanning a variety of different topics. You can take a look at our areas of expertise in safeguarding, health & safety, business and food hygiene and decide your favourites for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know if you think there are more worthy winners!