Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare Quiz

April 20, 2020
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Test Your Healthcare PPE Knowledge

Wearing personal protective equipment in healthcare environments is crucial for preventing the spread of infections. You must follow the correct techniques for putting them on, taking them off, changing them, and disposing of them to ensure your safety. You must also understand what types you should for certain type of activities. Do you have a strong understanding of using PPE in your healthcare setting? Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge below.


Which of the following is not a suitable type of eye protection in healthcare?

Healthcare worker delivering medicine
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After removing all your PPE what must you do?

Hospital hallway
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How can medical gloves be made reusable?

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When must you remove and change out of single use PPE?

Surgeon wearing sterile gloves
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What type of PPE requires a fit test to be carried out by a qualified individual before it is used?

Healthcare worker opening package
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Healthcare PPE Quiz
Want to learn more about the correct methods of using, disposing, and storing PPE to ensure high levels of hygiene and safety? Take a look at our PPE Training For Healthcare Workers.

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