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Using Fall Protection to Control Working at Height Hazards

Health and Safety Legislation Site Safety Working at Height

Falls from height are a common cause of workplace injuries. Learn more about working at height hazards and fall protection equipment here.

Jun 27, 2022
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How to Become a Security Guard: Requirements and Responsibilities

Career Development Health and Safety Legislation

Security services are an integral part of society. Find out more about what it takes and the requirements needed to become a security guard here.

Jun 24, 2022
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How to Become a Health and Safety Officer: Key Roles and Responsibilities

Health and Safety Legislation Safety Management

The demand to promote workplace health and safety continues to be of utmost importance. Find out how to become a health and safety officer here.

May 2, 2022
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What is Effective Communication in Construction?

Business Fundamentals Health and Safety Legislation Workplace Safety

Effective communication in construction is essential in ensuring safety. We discuss the importance and offer methods for improvement here.

Apr 25, 2022
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First Aid Qualifications: The Difference Between FAW and EFAW

Health and Safety Legislation Workplace Safety

First aid qualifications will give you the knowledge needed to confidently respond to a wide range of medical situations. Find out more here.

Apr 18, 2022
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What Does PASS Stand For? Fire Extinguisher Use and Safety

Fire Safety Health and Safety Legislation

Fire extinguishers play an important part in fire safety measures. Find guidance on what PASS stands for and how to use one effectively here.

Apr 15, 2022
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Guidance on What To Do If Someone Is Choking

Health and Safety Legislation

Choking can happen to anyone at any time. Find guidance on what to do if someone is choking and learn how to respond here.

Feb 4, 2022
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Case Study: Compliance at the University of Exeter

Case Studies Health and Safety Legislation High Speed Training News Training

In this case study, we look at how the University of Exeter used our training to keep staff up to date on vital areas of compliance and legislation.

Jan 26, 2022
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How to Support Individuals After Giving First Aid Assistance

Health and Safety Legislation Mental Health and Wellbeing

First aid assistance could be required at any time. Find guidance on how to support those suffering from the shock of saving a life here.

Jan 19, 2022
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What are Moving and Handling Policies in Health and Social Care: Guidance on Equipment

Health and Safety Legislation Safeguarding Adults

A moving and handling policy in health and social care is a key part of the working day for most carers. Find legislation guidance here.

Dec 29, 2021
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