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Safeguarding Training Levels Explained: What’s the Difference?

Education Safeguarding Adults Safeguarding Children Training

If you work with children or adults, it is crucial that you receive the correct level of training required for your role. Explore the safeguarding training levels here.

Aug 9, 2023
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Food Allergen Policy: Free Template

Allergens and Food Labelling Food Safety Hospitality

Having a food allergen policy is important to ensure you are complying with regulations. Find the information to include and download your free template here.

Jul 31, 2023
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Careers in Hospitality and Catering

Career Development Hospitality

The hospitality and catering industry is vast and there are plenty of career opportunities to choose from. Discover the jobs available and the required skills here.

Jul 17, 2023
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Summary of the SEND and Alternative Provision (AP) Improvement Plan

Education Safeguarding Children Teachers and Parents

The SEND and AP Improvement Plan outlines the government aims to improve outcomes for young people with SEND. Learn more about the plan here.

Jun 30, 2023
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The Homeschooling Debate: Advantages & Disadvantages

Education Teachers and Parents

Choosing to homeschool your child is a big decision. We look at the debate around homeschooling, including potential advantages and disadvantages, here.

Jun 28, 2023
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Guidance on Safeguarding Looked After Children (LAC)

Education Safeguarding Children Teachers and Parents

Looked after children are often at greater risk than other children their age, therefore require additional safeguards. Find guidance on how to support LAC here.

Jun 26, 2023
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Liberty Protection Safeguards: Guidance on Key Changes

Safeguarding Adults

If you work in health and social care it is important that you are aware of the implementation of Liberty Protection Safeguards. Learn about the LPS update here.

Jun 5, 2023
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What is County Lines?

Safeguarding Children Teachers and Parents

County Lines is a form of criminal exploitation that has a devastating and far reaching impact. Learn about the signs and what action to take here.

May 22, 2023
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How to Maintain Confidentiality in Health and Social Care

Advanced Safeguarding Safeguarding Adults

You have a duty to maintain confidentiality in healthcare. Why is confidentiality important and can you break it? Learn about it here.

Apr 12, 2023
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How to Promote Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

Human Resources Mental Health and Wellbeing

Promoting positive mental health should be a priority for everyone. Learn about how you can help improve mental health at your place of work here.

Apr 10, 2023
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