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Parental Mental Health Quiz
Mental Health and WellbeingSafeguarding Children

If you work with children & families, an awareness of mental health & the effects it may have on care is extremely useful. Test your expertise in our quiz.

Dec 28, 2018
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Managing Occupational Health in Construction
Mental Health and WellbeingSite Safety

Due to the high mortality rate in construction, managing occupational health & mental wellbeing is paramount. Find helpful tips in our guide.

Dec 10, 2018
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World Mental Health Day 2018: How Can Schools Promote Positive Mental Health?
EducationMental Health and WellbeingTeachers and Parents

On World Mental Health Day 2018, we’re looking at promoting positive mental health in schools. Find ideas you can easily add to the school routine, here.

Oct 5, 2018
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Reducing Absenteeism in the Workplace
Human ResourcesMental Health and Wellbeing

Sustained absenteeism in the workplace can lead to a number of problems for both employers and employees. Learn how to effectively manage this in our guide.

May 7, 2018
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University Mental Health: Supporting Students Who Need Help
EducationMental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health issues are a widespread problem across universities. We examine how university staff can offer practical support to students who need it.

Mar 1, 2018
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Implementing a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programme
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing is an essential aspect of any productive organisation. Find out how to harness this with an effective health and wellbeing programme.

Jan 8, 2018
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Work Related Stress: Your Responsibilities as an Employer
Human ResourcesMental Health and Wellbeing

Employers have a duty to manage their employee’s long-term sick leave and ensure their return to work is smooth. Find out how to achieve this in our guide.

Dec 8, 2017
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World Mental Health Day 2017: Mental Health in the Workplace
Human ResourcesMental Health and Wellbeing

Our mental health infographic includes key statistics on the state of mental health in the workplace. Further information and resources provided.

Oct 10, 2017
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Drugs in the Workplace: What Employers Need to Know
AddictionHuman ResourcesMental Health and Wellbeing

Drugs in the workplace can cause a plethora of health, social & economic problems. Find out what the warning signs are & how you can help manage the issue.

Jun 30, 2017
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Don’t Ignore Men’s Mental Health
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Men’s mental health is a topic which has traditionally been ignored. Our guide outlines practical tips to help those struggling with mental health issues.

May 11, 2017
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