What is RoSPA Approval & What Does it Mean?

September 14, 2020
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At High Speed Training we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, accurate content that allows our learners to be engaged, effective, and safe in their chosen careers. As well as working with several subject matter experts, we also have our courses independently reviewed to ensure that our content meets industry standards. To do this, we apply for accreditations, endorsements, and approvals for our courses.

There are various different types of accreditations, approvals, and endorsements available to online training companies. One type that we display on the majority of our health and safety courses is approval from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Who is RoSPA?

RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, is a British charity that aim to save lives and prevent life-changing injuries resulting from accidents. Accident prevention is at the core of their mission, and they work across occupational health and safety, as well as road, home, leisure and education safety, in the UK and globally. 

The exchange of knowledge and life-enhancing skills is central to what RoSPA do. To achieve this, they are involved in:

  • Researching and providing evidence on accident prevention.
  • Sharing advice and information.
  • Campaigning on health and safety issues, such as the compulsory wearing of seatbelts.
  • Providing training, qualifications, consultancy events and products for both businesses and individuals so that they can manage risks to their workers and others.
  • Embracing other organisations with RoSPA membership and allowing them to learn from best practice.
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What is RoSPA Approval?

If a training course has RoSPA approval it means it is formally recognised by a key, independent health and safety body/organisation. RoSPA offer their approval of training provider’s courses, such as those delivered by High Speed Training, depending on whether the course passes their thorough assessment process.

To gain RoSPA approval, we complete their course approval questionnaire about the specific course we want them to approve. This requires us to provide them with information about our company as the training provider, the course title, duration and content, including any legislation mentioned, and how the course is delivered. RoSPA come back to us with a proposal and, if we are satisfied, we then provide them with access to the course we want to have their approval.

Our course then undergoes an assessment procedure by a RoSPA consultant who considers whether the technical content meets the necessary requirements for the training matter. If they are satisfied with this and the course quality, RoSPA will give it their approval.

Having RoSPA approval ensures that our courses provide an engaging and informative training experience for our learners, who can then apply the knowledge they have acquired to help keep the workplace a safe environment, free from accidents.

Why is it Important for Our Courses to be Approved By RoSPA?

Having our courses approved by RoSPA means that they undergo further, independent checks by industry experts. Although we do already collaborate with specialists, including for our health and safety courses, additional assessments and reviews are always going to be beneficial. RoSPA approval provides us at High Speed Training with further peace of mind that our courses continue to meet high standards.

Most importantly, being approved by RoSPA gives our customers confidence in the training that they are taking, with the knowledge that it has undergone and passed independent checks. Learners can be assured that the training they are taking does meet the standards they would expect it to. This recognition by RoSPA is an indicator of trust and being a part of the scheme allows us to display our credibility to our learners.

By choosing us as an online training provider, learners can feel reassured that they are going to be provided with industry best practices. We offer them a learning experience that will help them to be engaged, effective, and safe in their chosen careers, as is central to our company mission.

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Which High Speed Training Courses are RoSPA Approved?

The majority of our health and safety courses are approved by RoSPA. As mentioned, RoSPA specialise in preventing injuries caused by accidents, particularly those that occur in the workplace and due to work activities. In addition, some of our Food Hygiene courses, including Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering, also have RoSPA approval.

Some of the High Speed Training courses with RoSPA approval include:

You can see our full directory of health and safety courses at the following link:

While not all of High Speed Training’s courses have RoSPA approval, you can identify those which do by looking for the RoSPA Approved e-Learning Course logo. By choosing a course that has been independently assessed and verified by experts, you can be confident that you are going to undertake training that meets industry standards.

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