What is The Hub?

The Hub is a Resource Centre from the team at High Speed Training.

The Hub is a place for people who care about personal development. You can rely on us for comprehensive resources & advice for your professional life.

Created, maintained and updated weekly by High Speed Training, here you’ll find articles designed to support your learning, with information drawn from
our experience, expertise and knowledge in a variety of online learning areas.

We split The Hub into our main course areas, but at it’s core, everything we share is about striving for excellence at work, whatever your profession. We cover a variety of levels too, so whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a seasoned CEO, we have something for you.

The Hub covers some pretty heavy, dry topics too – health and safety, data protection, manual handling… but all things you really need to know about to make your business work. We make the boring stuff easy to manage and the exciting stuff easy to share.

Suitable for a wide range of disciplines, our courses – and articles/quizzes – cover food hygiene through to health and safety, safeguarding, business skills
such as leadership, management and more! All of our online courses are highly intuitive – take a look to see what we can offer you: available courses.

So who are we?

The people behind The Hub are the folks at High Speed Training. We’re an online training provider and we care deeply about learning.

We write courses that people need to protect others, build their careers, start their own businesses or be the best managers they can be. We try to make education as accessible as possible and that is why The Hub exists; to provide you with online learning resources that will actually be of use to you in your career.

Take a look around and discover the Hub for yourself!


Richard Anderson High Speed Training Hub Author Profile

Richard Anderson

Richard has a wealth of research experience, having completed a PhD in politics, and has a keen interest in working on new ways to ensure that education and learning is available to all.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys watching rugby league and playing cricket. He also enjoys being in the kitchen and cooking up new dishes to varied success!

Louise Petty High Speed Training HST

Louise Petty

Louise uses her 4+ years of technical writing experience to write specialist articles on a range of health and safety, business skills and safeguarding people topics.

Louise has a degree in English Language and enjoys pursuing a range of creative outlets, from writing and editing to baking, cooking and sewing.

Liz Burton High Speed Training Hub Author Profile

Liz Burton

Liz has a degree in English and Creative Writing and is skilled at writing about technical subjects in a style that anyone can understand – she enjoys supporting people’s learning.

Outside of work, Liz spends her time on hobbies such as writing, reading, gaming, and fine art.

emma bennett high speed training the hub writer

Emma Bennett

Emma manages the Hub content and strategy, organising the content calendar and editing articles.

Outside of work, Emma is hugely passionate about the third sector and volunteering. She is a Volunteer Coordinator and Management Trustee at an educational charity in Leeds.

Jordan Bradley High Speed Training Hub Author Profile

Jordan Bradley

Jordan mainly writes about business and mental health, having learnt to adapt to the business environment after graduating in Marketing Management.

On the weekend you’ll find Jordan visiting friends that he wished lived closer and attempting to keep active.

Hannah Spruce High Speed Training Hub Author Profile

Hannah Spruce

Hannah is The Hub’s specialist on social issues and HR. She has a master’s degree in Contemporary Literatures and writes about safeguarding issues and business.

Hannah writes to help readers implement legislation and work in ways that are safer, quicker, and more productive! When she’s not writing, she’ll be found buried in fiction or practising yoga.