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We want to reassure customers that all of our training courses are still available online and we are here to support our learners.
We've developed a range of courses and free resources to help our customers stay safe, effective and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safeguarding Children Courses

A range of courses developed to ensure that you are able to understand current safeguarding issues and apply the correct actions and procedures where necessary.

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Safeguarding Adults

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Child Protection & Safeguarding Training

Child protection and safeguarding is a vital and potentially lifesaving duty of anyone who works with children. In taking our courses, you can ensure that you understand your responsibilities for any children under your care, and feel confident in carrying out the appropriate actions should you have any concerns.

 3 Hours  CPD
 2-3 Hours  CPD
 3 hours  CPD
 2-3 hours  CPD
 1-2 Hours  CPD

£30.00 +VAT

 3 hours  CPD
 2-3 hours  CPD
 3 hours  CPD

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