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Working Safely in Hospitality Quiz

Health and Hygiene Hospitality

How confident are you that you know how to work safely in hospitality following COVID-19? Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge and understanding.

Aug 7, 2020
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Taking Reservations in Hospitality Following COVID-19

Data Protection Hospitality

Making a reservation is a familiar concept to most people, but there may be new rules and procedures in place following COVID-19.

Aug 6, 2020
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Safeguarding Children Guidance: KCSIE and WTSC Changes

Advanced Safeguarding Safeguarding Children Teachers and Parents

Child safeguarding legislation is often updated in order to strengthen protections. Our guide to the changes will ensure you’re aware of the 2018 amends.

Aug 4, 2020
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Regulatory Requirements for Designated Safeguarding Leads in Schools

Advanced Safeguarding Education

Are you the Designated Safeguarding Officer at your school? Take a look at our summary of your regulatory requirements and find further resources.

Aug 4, 2020
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How To Use Excel: A Beginner’s Guide

Career Development Leadership and Management

Find a range of practical examples and tips to help you to understand the fundamentals of Excel in our free beginners guide, here.

Jul 31, 2020
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What is Prepacked for Direct Sale Food? Allergen Guidance & Free Infographic

Allergens and Food Labelling Food Safety Hospitality

Anyone who sells prepacked for direct sale food (PPDS) should be making steps now to make their food safer. Download your free PPDS infographic, here.

Jul 29, 2020
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Case Study: Putting Knowledge into Practice at TLC Care

Health and Hygiene Safeguarding Adults Training

In this case study, we look at how TLC Care used online training to reaffirm practices which prepared staff for applying knowledge under high pressure.

Jul 24, 2020
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Case Study: Overcoming Challenges at KTM Compliance

Health and Hygiene Training

In this case study, we look at how online PPE in Healthcare training helped KTM Compliance to ensure effective planning and clear communication.

Jul 22, 2020
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Why is COSHH Important After COVID-19?

COSHH Workplace Safety

The risks associated with COSHH will likely be greater following COVID-19. We outline what employers should consider to ensure workplace safety, here.

Jul 13, 2020
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What is COSHH Training and Why is it Important for Cleaners?


COSHH training helps to ensure cleaners feel confident and safe working with hazardous substances. We outline what it should cover and its importance.

Jul 10, 2020
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