understanding different types of group conflict managers
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Understanding the Different Types of Group Conflict: A Guide for Managers

People who work together always have differences – whether it’s their personality, style of working, or values and beliefs. This is great because it brings various skills and perspectives to a company. But the downside is that these attributes can all be sources of ...

what does TILE stand for
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What Does TILE Stand For? The TILE & LITE Acronyms

If you have to carry out any sort of manual handling during your work activities, it’s likely that you’ve undergone training in the correct manual handling practices and procedures, and even more likely that you’ve come across the TILE, TILEO or LITE acronyms. ...

Promoting emotional, social, and cognitive skills in early years
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Promoting Positive Behaviour in Early Years: A Guide for Nurseries

This article looks at strategies to promote emotional, social, and cognitive skills in young children. Ofsted-registered early years providers must make provisions for the development of these skills. EYFS encourage the development of ‘positive behaviour’ such as: Emotional Intelligence: Promoting the management of feelings and ...

cost of presenteeism UK
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The Cost of Presenteeism & Why It’s Not Just About Money

Presenteeism is an increasingly common issue that affects all types of workplaces. In fact, it’s often cited as the biggest threat to workplace productivity in the UK, and is characterised by tired, unmotivated and sick employees who turn up to work regardless of how ...

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Methods of Human Trafficking and Recruitment

This article explains the human trafficking recruitment process and the tactics used by human traffickers to exploit vulnerable people. Human trafficking is a highly organised crime. Traffickers take people from one area of a country to another or across borders, and when they arrive, they ...

A little girl on social media
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Staying Safe on Social Media: A Guide for Parents

New social media platforms come out all the time, and it’s likely your child will have used and grown bored of it before you even know what it is!  That’s why it’s important to teach general tips on internet safety matters such as privacy ...

A man conducting a performance appraisal review
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Using Key Phrases in Performance Reviews & Appraisals

The Problem with Generic Phrases The internet has lists and lists of generic performance review phrases ripe for managers who just need to insert X employee name here, Y there. However, let this be said: Average managers depend on generic phrases to do the review for them. ...

food hygiene primary school
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Free Food Hygiene Posters for Schools

Schools are full of hundreds of students, so it’s a near-impossible task to personally instruct each and every one of them to wash their hands before touching food and use separate utensils for raw meat and veg. But during food technology lessons and ...

asbestos risk assessment
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How to Conduct an Asbestos Risk Assessment

If your work is likely to disturb or damage an asbestos containing material (ACM), then the employer or person in charge of the premises must ensure that an asbestos risk assessment is carried out. This means examining the potential risks to health and identifying which ...

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How to Prepare for an EHO Visit0

How to Prepare for an EHO Visit

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) are responsible for inspecting food businesses to ensure that they are complying with food safety law. If you own a food business (or work for one as a manager, supervisor, full-time or ...

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What To Look For When Interviewing A New Employee0

What To Look For When Interviewing A New Employee

It’s really hard to know what to look for when interviewing a new employee. There’s no secret sauce recipe for getting recruitment right, and you can’t trust your gut. Which sucks, because bad hires are a drain on money ...

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The Healthy Eating Pyramid0

The Healthy Eating Pyramid

The Healthy Eating Pyramid is a visual representation of the proportions of different foods you should be eating every day in order to maintain a healthy diet. If each your meals are planned in proportion with the ...

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Food Hygiene

Food Labelling Regulations 20170

Food Labelling Regulations 2017

This guide to food labelling regulations includes information on the allergen, nutrition, and organic labelling requirements in the UK.  When a pre-packaged food item contains any of the 14 named allergens the allergenic ingredients must be emphasised ...

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Share your Certificate for a Chance to Win!0

Share your Certificate for a Chance to Win!

Share your Success to Win Have you recently completed an online training course with High Speed Training? You’re in with the chance of winning some great prizes! All you need to do is show off your hard-earned ...

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Noise Management at Work: Risks, Precautions & Control Measures0

Noise Management at Work: Risks, Precautions & Control Measures

If you’ve ever listened to music too loud and had a slight ringing in your ears afterwards, then you’ve experienced what it’s like for excessive noise to impact your hearing, albeit temporarily. An estimated 17,000 people in the ...

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Child Neglect Quiz0

Child Neglect Quiz

Child neglect is the most common form of child abuse in the UK, yet it often receives less attention than the other main categories of abuse (physical, emotional and sexual). Neglect can be defined as the ...

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