Articles, Safeguarding Children

What are the Emotional Needs of a Child?

When thinking about the emotional needs of a child, love and affection are the first things that come to mind. Of course we love our children and we have an instinctive desire to protect them from harm or distress, but what else do they ...

Articles, Healthy Eating

A Healthy Eating Plan for Fussy Eaters

Healthy eating. Clean eating. Dieting. Five-a-day. Call it what you will, we’re used to being bombarded with guilt-inducing information on the importance of eating well. The problem is that many of the healthy options glamorised by the rich and famous frankly aren’t very appealing. But ...

Articles, Time Management

15 Time Management Hacks for Students

Time: you either have too much or hardly enough. Some days fly by in an instant whereas others drag on monotonously. Yet everyone in the world has the same amount of time at their disposal each day – so why isn’t managing it a ...

Articles, COSHH

COSHH – A Guide to Employers’ and Employees’ Responsibilities

Does your job involve cleaning? Baking? Woodworking? Vehicle repair and painting? These, and many other roles, involve working around hazardous substances, which could very well be posing risks to your and everyone who works on the premises’ health and safety. That is, unless COSHH ...

Articles, Creative Writing

Enter the Mind of a Writer: 10 Creative Writing Prompts

It’s not original, but it’s true: I love writing. I love the act of clacking out a few hundred words on my computer and moulding this mesh of text into something worth reading; something that will click with another person. I love pondering over ...

Articles, Noise Awareness

Noise Management in the Workplace: Risks, Precautions & Control Measures

If you’ve ever listened to music too loud in your headphones and been left with a slight ringing in your ears, then you have experienced what it’s like for excessive noise to impact your hearing – only temporarily, that is. In many workplaces, noise ...

Articles, Presentation Skills

How to Start a Presentation for an Interview

Interviews can be real tense situations. Throwing a presentation into the mix only adds to that pressure. What can you do to ease those nerves and start your presentation in a calm and confident manner? How can you captivate your audience and help assure them that ...

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Dementia Hallucinations and Delusions: The Causes & Meanings0

Dementia Hallucinations and Delusions: The Causes & Meanings

Our brains are the translation centres for all the data we receive from our senses. They interpret what our eyes see, what our hands touch, what our ears hear, and what our noses smell. But with ...

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How Analysing Language Can Help You Hire0

How Analysing Language Can Help You Hire

In a tough economic climate, it has never been more vital to make good hires. One bad employee can drain morale, money, time, and energy – basically a managerial nightmare. Even if times aren’t tough, you still ...

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Data Protection in Schools: How to Comply With The Data Protection Act0

Data Protection in Schools: How to Comply With The Data Protection Act

Any organisation that handles personal information about people is required to comply with the Data Protection Act (1998). They must ensure it is handled securely and confidentially, which requires the implementation of robust systems and management ...

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Food Hygiene

How to Reduce Food Waste at Home1

How to Reduce Food Waste at Home

According to Love Food Hate Waste, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food from our homes every year and that waste is costing the average household £60 per month. We’ve worked with Hackney-based food education charity, ...

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Self Employment Law Changes0

Self Employment Law Changes

New Health and Safety Legislation now applies for the self-employed. Are you aware of the new changes? Health and Safety for the self-employed has seen a recent change in legislation. From 1 October 2015, if you are self-employed ...

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Health & Safety

Landlord's Guide to Electrical Safety0

Landlord’s Guide to Electrical Safety

Electricity is an important part of normal life and will be present in every property that you rent out to tenants. Despite its familiarity, however, electricity has the potential to cause serious injuries, fires and damage ...

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Why Gambling is Addictive: Understanding the Science0

Why Gambling is Addictive: Understanding the Science

Many people enjoy playing a game of chance every now and then. The risk versus reward element gives players a small rush of excitement, even if they don’t win, and more often than not it’s enjoyed ...

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