Man drinking whisky in the office
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Drugs in the Workplace: What Employers Need to Know

Managers and HR staff are in a unique position to tackle substance misuse in the UK. In fact, because employees spend so much time at work, managers, and colleagues are on the front lines of prevention because they are situated to spot and ...

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What is a “Clean As You Go” Policy?

A clean as you go policy is a cleaning strategy used to minimise risks to hygiene, health, and safety. The clean as you go method involves taking opportunities to clean continually throughout the working day and making cleaning part of your daily routine to ...

what does TILE stand for
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What Does TILE Stand For? The TILE & LITE Acronyms

If you have to carry out any sort of manual handling during your work activities, it’s likely that you’ve undergone training in the correct manual handling practices and procedures, and even more likely that you’ve come across the TILE, TILEO or LITE acronyms. ...

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How to Appeal a Food Hygiene Rating

Your food hygiene rating has a huge impact, and a bad inspection can turn away customers in their droves. On the other hand, an excellent rating is a selling point and displaying the result of your check on a window or your door will ...

cost of presenteeism UK
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The Cost of Presenteeism & Why It’s Not Just About Money

Presenteeism is an increasingly common issue that affects all types of workplaces. In fact, it’s often cited as the biggest threat to workplace productivity in the UK, and is characterised by tired, unmotivated and sick employees who turn up to work regardless of how ...

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Methods of Human Trafficking and Recruitment

This article explains the human trafficking recruitment process and the tactics used by human traffickers to exploit vulnerable people. Human trafficking is a highly organised crime. Traffickers take people from one area of a country to another or across borders, and when they arrive, they ...

A little girl on social media
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Staying Safe on Social Media: A Guide for Parents

New social media platforms come out all the time, and it’s likely your child will have used and grown bored of it before you even know what it is!  That’s why it’s important to teach general tips on internet safety matters such as privacy ...

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Using Key Phrases in Performance Reviews & Appraisals

The Problem with Generic Phrases The internet has lists and lists of generic performance review phrases ripe for managers who just need to insert X employee name here, Y there. However, let this be said: Average managers depend on generic phrases to do the review for them. ...

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The Most Common Office Injuries and How To Prevent Them

The 2016 CIPD Absence Management survey found that the average employee takes 6.3 sick days each year, costing businesses around £522 per person. However, most of these are easy to prevent providing that you have basic health and safety procedures in place. Even relatively ...

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Don't Ignore Men's Mental Health0

Don’t Ignore Men’s Mental Health

Discussion about mental health is becoming easier and more commonplace. But there’s still a stigma surrounding it, and generally speaking this stigma silences men more. Societal pressures to ‘act tough’ and ‘man up’ – physically and mentally ...

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What is CPD? A Guide to Continuing Professional Development0

What is CPD? A Guide to Continuing Professional Development

The progression of your professional career and organisation depends greatly on how often you and others engage in CPD: continuing professional development. Without it, you may struggle to keep up with the ever-changing world of work. Ongoing ...

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Changes in Eating Habits Over the Years: Comparing Diets Now & Then0

Changes in Eating Habits Over the Years: Comparing Diets Now & Then

Can you learn from your grandparents’s food choices and lifestyle? Over the last century, our eating habits have changed dramatically, with our diets becoming almost unrecognisable to those of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The way we shop, ...

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Food Hygiene

Using a FIFO Food Storage System0

Using a FIFO Food Storage System

Many jobs involve handling high quantities of food – such as catering, retail, or manufacturing. Staff who work for these types of businesses should be able to properly rotate stock to help boost workplace efficiency and ...

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Share your Certificate for a Chance to Win!0

Share your Certificate for a Chance to Win!

Share your Success to Win Have you recently completed an online training course with High Speed Training? You’re in with the chance of winning some great prizes! All you need to do is show off your hard-earned ...

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Refusal to Wear PPE: Guidance for Employers0

Refusal to Wear PPE: Guidance for Employers

Many workers appreciate the necessity of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while at work. But for every willing employee, there’s also a stubborn one who’d rather gamble with their safety. Refusal to wear PPE or neglecting safety ...

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Guide to Safeguarding Children Legislation0

Guide to Safeguarding Children Legislation

The government frequently update and improve safeguarding legislation to strengthen protections and make guidance as clear as possible. As a training provider, we monitor these changes and keep our learners informed of the key changes. This article ...

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