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Manual Handling Weight Limits: What are the Safe Lifting Guidelines and Techniques?

Manual Handling Workplace Safety

Manual handling is one of the primary causes of workplace accidents. We outline manual handling weight limits and safe zones for men and women here.

Oct 29, 2021
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Manual Handling Training: What are the Regulations?

Health and Safety Legislation Manual Handling

This guide details the importance of manual handling training and answers some common queries around the Manual Handling Regulations 1992.

Feb 7, 2018
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What Does TILE Stand For? The TILE & LITE Acronyms

Manual Handling Site Safety Workplace Safety

TILE, LITE and TILEO are common phrases in regards to manual handling activities. But what does TILE stand for? Check out our guide to learn more!

Feb 9, 2017
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What are the Consequences of Poor Manual Handling?

Manual Handling Site Safety

In this guide we discuss the consequences of poor manual handling including musculoskeletal disorders, short/long term injuries & mental illness.

Dec 5, 2016
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Ergonomic Approach To Manual Handling: Lifting Techniques For Caregivers

Manual Handling Safeguarding Adults

When it comes to the moving and handling (or manual handling) of people, there are both correct and incorrect approaches; we assess what is most ergonomic.

Sep 7, 2016
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How Online Retail is Changing Manual Handling Practices

Manual Handling

With the rise of online retailing, the way that warehouses and their employees operate has changed; so how does this effect manual handling practices?

Jul 27, 2016
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Team Manual Handling Tips

Manual Handling Site Safety Workplace Safety

24% of all workplace injuries are a direct result of poor manual handling practices. Check out our top tips for safe manual handling in teams.

May 18, 2015
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Manual Handling in Care Homes: Using Hoists Safely

Manual Handling Safeguarding Adults

Do you know how to safely, securely and effectively use a hoist in a care home? Learn about the manual handling best practices in this quick overview.

Mar 3, 2014
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Manual Handling Quiz

Manual Handling Workplace Safety

How much do you really know about manual handling? Take our online manual handling training quiz with full questions and answers to test your knowledge.

Jan 2, 2014
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Manual Handling Techniques & Tips

Manual Handling Workplace Safety

It’s important to have manual handling techniques to follow in the workplace so that you can reduce the risks. Find our tips and best practices for safety here.

Dec 20, 2013
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